This ‘Forever’ Battery May One Day Save Your Life

Did you know an electric vehicle can save your life? If you didn’t, then let me introduce you to Pete and Donna Holguin of San Antonio, Texas. The couple – and their six rescue cats – were caught in the middle of a nasty winter storm that ripped through Texas earlier this year and caused widespread power outages.

With the power at their home disconnected and the temperature inside the house dropping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the couple started to worry about how they and their cats would fare in the cold. So, they all hopped into their all-electric Tesla Model 3 – parked in their garage – and turned on the car. They ran the heater for 8 hours and were able to sleep comfortably and safely at 69 degrees Fahrenheit, versus a temperature of 33 degrees in the garage.

Of course, this was only possible because the Model 3 was all-electric. Doing the same in a Toyota Camry, for example, would’ve emitted toxic carbon monoxide that proves fatal in closed garages.

After the storm had passed, Pete Holguin said in an interview with Electrek:

The Tesla was responsible for possibly saving my wife Donna and me… Thank God for the Tesla.

Interior of the Tesla Model 3
Source: Khairil Azhar Junos/
Source: Khairil Azhar Junos/

So, yes, an electric vehicle can save your life – but keeping you warm in the midst of a power outage and winter storm is only the tip of the iceberg of what an electric vehicle could do for you in the future.

How the Forever Battery Will Change the EV Landscape

You have to understand: The reason Pete and Donna Holguin were able to find shelter in their Model 3 during a Texas storm is because that car had a giant battery, which provided on-site power without needing to tap into the electric grid.

Now, imagine if that battery were bigger and even better… could store more charge… and could actually have been plugged into the Holguin’s home to provide power to the entire home for days…

That’s all possible, through a new technology called “bidirectional charging,” where EV batteries can both charge (to receive energy) and discharge (to supply energy). Bidirectional charging is quickly becoming the status quo in EVs these days.

For instance, Ford(NYSE:F) new all-electric F-150 Lightning pick-up is outfitted with a bidirectional charging battery that can power your house for up to three days. While auto giant Volkswagen (OTCMKTS:VWAGY) plans to produce 300,000 EVs with bidirectional charging capabilities in 2022. What’s more, the new Hyundai (OTCMKTS:HYMTF) Ioniq 5 has bidirectional charging, as does Lucids (NASDAQ:LCID) flagship vehicle – the Lucid Air. Heck, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has already pushed an over-the-air update to its Model 3 vehicles to prepare its onboard vehicle charger for bidirectional charging. It also is promising that all of its vehicles will be ready for bidirectional charging at some point in the near future.

Folks, the bidirectional charging future has arrived! In this future, your electric vehicle doesn’t just drive you from point A to point B, but can also be used to power your house.

But here’s the kicker: The quality of bidirectional charging depends exclusively on the quality of the EV battery.

The better the battery, of course, the longer your house can run on EV power.

That’s why everyone is so focused on EV battery tech right now. Because once you make those batteries better, you don’t just enable the creation of an EV that can drive for thousands of miles on a single charge – you create a battery that will fundamentally change everything we know about the world.

Mark my words. Some of the best investment opportunities of the 2020s will be found in battery technology.

And the single best investment opportunity may emerge from the creation of the forever battery.  

This is a battery that, for years, was science fiction – but today, it’s turning into a reality.

To recap: We’re talking about a battery that lasts forever, never needs to be replaced, and one that will fundamentally transform how we power our world.

The company that masters the technology behind this forever battery will turn into an enormous winner.

But sitting around and waiting for an opportunity to present itself is just as bad as not knowing about this technology at all. So I want to tell you something… something that I just told a group of about 60 people at the landmark Hudson Theater in Southern California.

Spoiler: It’s a presentation all about forever batteries and the tiny, world-changing companies that are bringing them to market.

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