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Where to Find the #1 Stock to Buy Because of the AWS Outage


Well, yesterday was a really weird day.

Logistics activity on the Amazon site of Vélizy-Villacoublay in France. Packages are sorted by workers on coneyors.

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I was supposed to sit down with my colleagues Eric Fry and Louis Navellier at the Early Warning Summit, where we were going to discuss the state of the markets, the direction of stocks next year, and most importantly, our top stocks to buy for 2022.

But that never happened… because Amazon Web Services crashed… and our servers experienced outages… rendering us unable to broadcast the event…

We weren’t alone. Netflix. Coinbase. Disney+. Ticketmaster. Slack. Robinhood. They all experienced issues as a result of the AWS outage.

Now, as anyone who knows me will tell you, there are two defining characteristics about myself: 1) I’m an optimist, and 2) I think of everything – literally, everything – through an investment lens.

So, when the outages hit yesterday and our broadcast teams were worrying about postponing the event, I did what I always do: I looked at the big picture.

The big picture here is that yesterday’s AWS outage showed us how dependent the world is on cloud computing. In fact, it showed us that our world is built on cloud computing.

Just look at all the things we couldn’t do because of the AWS outage…

We couldn’t stream our Early Warning Summit to you at the time we wanted to…

Amazon couldn’t deliver packages through its automated fulfillment system…

My friends couldn’t trade their cryptos…

My daughter couldn’t watch Moana during her TV time…

And, most importantly, I couldn’t watch episode 5 of Tiger King

One cloud server outagehundreds of millions of people disrupted.

And that’s why one of my top stock picks for 2022 is a cloud computing stock. Any service that controls and dictates peoples’ lives this much, has the potential to generate a ton of economic value for shareholders like you and me.

But, as an early-stage hypergrowth investor, I’m not excited about the “Big 3” cloud computing players like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

No. Instead, the top cloud computing stock I’m excited about for 2022 is the stock of a small, hypergrowth cloud computing startup that is trying to compete with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

And guess what? So far, this company is winning in its battle against the “Big 3.” Its revenues grew by nearly 40% last quarter!

Mark my words: This is a stock that could absolutely soar in 2022 – boosted, in part, by the recent AWS outage.

Tonight, at our rescheduled Early Warning Summit, I’m going to give folks the opportunity to learn the name, ticker symbol, and key business details of this superstar stock, along with seven other top stocks that Eric, Louis, and I all believe are “Top Buys” for 2022.

Delayed. But not cancelled. Tonight, we’re going to tell you how to make big money in the markets next year.

Make sure that you’re signed up and ready to tune in!

I’ll see you back here today at 4 p.m., ET.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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