How to Recession-Proof Your Portfolio — and Make Money

Aaron and I discuss the topic that’s casting a broad shadow over markets right now – the recession.

With the yield curve rapidly flattening, the probability of an economic recession is higher than it’s been in years. I talk about the emergence of a rolling bear market and some market indicators pointing to a downturn.

But if we do see a recession, it won’t be like 2008 — rather, it will be mundane and short. And remember that money is made in bear markets. Be aware and prepare.

So how do you recession-proof your portfolio? With growth stocks. They will continue to grow at lightning speed regardless of what happens with the broader economy.

During these times, we lean heavily on our belief that the best time to buy world-changing hypergrowth stocks is during times just like the one we’re in now. You can make money during this downturn with recession-proof growth stocks.

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