A Reemerging Market Trend Indicates a Rebound Is Here

Did we just see the market bottom? Well, indeed, something big just happened in the stock market. And this market trend could mean the beginning of a massive turnaround.

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On Thursday, the S&P 500 got extremely close of falling into a bear market, narrowly avoiding a 20% decline year-to-date. Then, on Friday, stocks averted it by rebounding in an enormous way.

That’s exceptionally bullish price action. It’s also exceptionally rare. The last time that happened was Christmas Eve 2018.

What happened next? The stock market soared 44% over the next 14 months, and tech stocks surged nearly 60% higher.

Over the next 14 months, we think there’s a good chance the same thing will happen again.

So, we’ve created an exclusive portfolio of stocks, specifically engineered to soar more than 200% during this massive market turnaround. Indeed, that entire portfolio was up 13% yesterday as that rising market trend began.

We’re bullish about stocks staging a comeback — and you should be, too.

What’s going on? Let’s take a deeper look.

The Rare Bear Market Bounce Market Trend

I cannot emphasize this enough: The market movement we saw this past week is monumental.

The bears have taken control, and they’ve been relentless. All year, stocks have collapsed. It’s been a painful time for investors.

But this last week, the bulls made a final stand — and won!

On Thursday, the S&P 500 collapsed to 3,859. That put the index 19.92% off its all-time highs. That’s about as close as it could’ve gotten to a bear market without falling into one.

Of course, at that point, a collapse into a bear market seemed inevitable.

But it didn’t happen.

Bulls put up a fight. They pushed stocks higher into the close on Thursday. And then on Friday, the cavalry showed up.

After a successful, narrow aversion of a bear market on Thursday, the S&P 500 absolutely soared on Friday. It rose a whopping 2.4%.

It wasn’t alone. The Nasdaq climbed nearly 4%, and our tailor-made “market rebound” portfolio popped 13%!

Talk about a positive market trend.

Now, aside from obvious relief, most investors haven’t put too much thought into this rally.

But we saw that rebound and said: “This is the signal we’ve been waiting for.”

When bulls put up a fight at a bear market level, they usually lose. The bears just have too much momentum. But in the rare occasion they do win, it usually means the markets are ready to soar!

Market Trends Repeat

History tends to repeat itself, and that’s exactly what we believe is happening right now.

We’re being reminded of the late 2018 stock market crash, which was followed by an enormous market rally in 2019.

Back then, stocks were collapsing under the weight of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes. Since the economy was already naturally slowing, Wall Street was worried such aggressive rate-hiking would cause a recession.

Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? It’s almost the exact same situation we’re in today.

On Christmas Eve 2018, stocks got awfully close to a bear market. But they narrowly averted it by closing down 19.7% from all-time highs.

Sound like Thursday? Again, it’s an almost identical situation.

The following trading day — December 26, 2018 — stocks soared after averting a bear market. And this rebound was led by a massive rally in tech stocks.

Just like what happened on Friday. We’re having déjà vu.

This doesn’t seem like just a series of coincidences. Rather, it’s a repeating market trend.

That’s bullish. What came next in 2019 was a massive rally in stocks, assisted by a Fed that stopped hiking rates.

We think history will continue to repeat over the next several months. That means we get a nice market bounce here. We’ll see a dovish pivot by the Fed in the summer, followed by a massive melt-up in stocks into 2023.

The stock market rebound may have arrived – and we have the perfect portfolio for you to play it.

The Final Word on This Market Trend

Every market crash turns into a rally. That has been and will forever remain true so long as the U.S. economy keeps going.

During a crash, the goal is to identify the point at which it becomes a rally.

Identifying that point is the key to capitalizing on the best investment opportunities in stock market history.

When the 2008-09 market crash turned into a rally on March 3, 2009, stocks soared 60% over the next year.

When the 2018 market crash turned into a rally on December 26, 2018, stocks soared 32% over the next year.

And when the 2020 market crash became a rally on March 23, 2020, stocks rocketed almost 80% over the next year.

Well, we think there’s a good chance that the 2022 market crash became a rally on May 13, 2022. If so, then stocks are set to soar over the next year.

But we’re not looking for 30%, 60% or even 80% returns in this rebound. We’re targeting even bigger gains.

That’s why we’ve created our own exclusive portfolio of stocks engineered specifically to rise more than 200% over the next 12 months.  

This tailor-made portfolio popped 13% yesterday. If the market rebound persists, days like that could become the norm for that portfolio.

That’s the good news. But here’s the bad news: My publishers informed me that we’re nearing max capacity for that portfolio. And we will have to close the doors on new signups any day now.

So, gain access to that portfolio and secure your chance to score big as this market crash turns into a rally.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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