The Next Chapter of A.I.-Powered Trading

If there is one thing that the A.I. revolution is poised to do, it’s to separate the “doers” from the “sideliners.” Those who act now while this incredibly powerful trend is still in its infancy have the chance to make truly life-changing gains – and that’s why, on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 10:00 a.m., a revolutionary second chapter of an A.I.-powered trading algorithm is being revealed…

Do the Magnificent Seven Still Rule the Market?

In today’s Market 360, let’s make sense of the latest economic data reports. I’ll also share when I think the Fed will cut rates and how to position your portfolio while Wall Street waits for answers.

7 Blue-Chip Stocks to Put at the Top of Your Q2 Watch List

Blue-chip stocks are good investment choices because they’re reliable and still provide the potential for long-term growth.

Don’t Let the Latest Surge Deter You. Palantir Stock Is Still a Buy.

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MARA Stock Analysis: Why Marathon Digital May Be a Better Bitcoin Bet

The array of Bitcoin ETFs are getting all the attention now, but don't sleep on Marathon Digital as MARA stock looks ready to make a move.

Quant Ratings Updated on 96 Stocks

In today’s Market 360, I’ll share 10 stocks that are likely to struggle in the current market environment, due to their weak fundamentals. And then, I’ll share where you can find fundamentally superior stocks that truly represent the crème de la crème of the market.

7 Monthly Dividend Stocks for Your February Buy List

If you’re retired and looking for your investment portfolio to provide an income stream, the biggest thing you’re looking for is consistency. And that’s what…

INTC Stock Analysis: Why Intel Is Well Worth a Look on Any Pullback

My INTC stock analysis: If chip stocks tank as 'AI mania' takes a breather, this could create a solid entry point for a long-term position.

Stop! You Need Lucid Stock Like You Need a Hole in the Head.

Unbelievably, Lucid Group's is getting a sizable bonus even though LCID stock's loyal shareholders have lost money over the long term.

NIO Stock Analysis: Why ‘Buying the Dip’ Could Be a Big Mistake

Shares in the China-based EV maker remain at pre-boom prices, but the latest NIO stock analysis suggests more downside ahead for shares.

GOOG Stock Analysis: Get Ready for a $2 Trillion Market Cap

GOOG stock could break through to fresh highs this year on the heels of Alphabet's new, ultra-powerful gen-AI chatbot.

Should You Buy NVIDIA Ahead of Earnings?

In today’s Market 360, we’ll take a look at the expectations for NVIDIA’s earnings announcement. We’ll also review why this stock has emerged as a market leader – and how we found this stock ahead of the crowd over at Growth Investor.

NVDA Stock Analysis: Don’t Fear a Post-Earnings Pullback

It's very possible that NVDA stock sinks rather than surges after earnings this week, but don't let this scare you out of a position

Weekly Upgrades and Downgrades

During these busy times, it pays to stay on top of the latest profit opportunities. And today's blog post should be a great place to start.

Microsoft’s AI Leap: How a $3.5 Billion Investment Could Skyrocket MSFT Stock

MSFT stock still has room to run as Microsoft continues to win the AI arms race with best-in-class products and an investment in OpenAI.

MARA Stock Outlook: The Future Looks Even Brighter as Bitcoin Prices Soar

If current crypto price trends continue, expect the MARA stock outlook to stay very bright, as this boom has an outsized impact on shares.

7 A-Rated Stocks to Buy in February 2024

If you’re going to invest, you need to buy the best stocks at the right time and know when you see a bargain price that…

Insider Insights: Does Intel CEO’s Recent INTC Buy Signal Strength Ahead?

Don't obsess over whether Intel is the "next Nvidia." Instead, weigh the challenges and opportunities that will move INTC stock this year.

The Latest Inflation Data Is Out – Here’s What It Could Mean for the Federal Reserve

In today’s Market 360, let’s make sense of the latest economic data reports. I’ll also share when I think the Fed will cut rates and how to position your portfolio while Wall Street waits for answers.