This is Actually the Most Important Infrastructure Boom

Just as the printing press and the internet had major impacts on human life, blockchain is going to change the way we do everything.

Creating New Industries, Transforming Old Ones, Generating Wealth

Most people equate tech like artificial intelligence and autonomous driving with cars, phones and computers. But there's so much more coming.

3 Must-Dos in Market Volatility

We all know stocks go up and stocks go down. It’s unavoidable. Here's how to avoid the classic major mistakes investors often make.

There’s No Good Reason to Buy Plug Power Stock Right Now

Plug Power has seen better days, but even after such a big dip, we're going to pass on PLUG stock in favor of better companies.

PayPal Stock Is a Great Core Holding and Earnings Emphasize Why

PYPL stock has been a stronger performer this year and over the past 12 months. Don't expect PayPal to disappoint in the long-term, either.

Avoid SOS Limited Even If Crypto Bounces Back

On top of overall concerns about crypto mining plays, SOS stock comes with a grab-bag of its own issues. Between a rich valuation, and the red flags surrounding it, this remains a name to avoid. Even if Bitcoin bounces back.

Big Money Pours Into the “Backbone” Of All Tech Innovations

The consensus among most investors and energy experts is that a new battery technology will be developed during the Roaring 2020s.

How to Position Yourself for the Current Pullback — And for Future Ones Too

I scrapped my original plans to bring this to you. But when I receive the same questions from lots of people, I have to stop to answer them.

Is It Time to Sell Your Tech Stocks?

During volatile times in the market, it’s tempting to panic sell. And right now, for the first time in many years, the tech stocks that have been leading the market are getting beat down badly. This is causing many people to panic sell in an attempt to cut their losses, but that would be a mistake. Now is not the time to sell your tech stocks – not if you’re invested in good companies. Matt explains why investors should learn to hold on to stocks and how the correct investment strategy combined with the right mindset is the only way to make money in the market.

Consider Coursera Stock a Buy on Its Post-IPO Pullback

Markets may have soured in the short-term on this "future of remote learning" play, but COUR stock has the makings of a long-term winner.

Zomedica Stock Is Another Hyped-Up Reddit Play That Can’t Escape Reality

Zomedica has potential in a niche business. But the price of ZOM stock does not yet reflect that. This will change as day traders move on.

The Recent Peloton Recall Is a Buying Opportunity

The selloff in PTON stock is a grave overreaction. Now is a great time to dive into Peloton while shares remain depressed.

The Selloff in Stock Presents a Solid Opportunity has a strong growth story, solid management and a big market. That drove AI stock to its highs and makes it a buy at its lows.

The SPAC Pullback Left Apex Technology Stock Too Cheap

The merger of Apex Technology and AvePoint was greeted with optimism in November. Investors in APXT stock seem to have forgotten that.

Of Course, Naked Brand Stock Is Going to Keep Falling

NAKD stock soared for reasons that are hard to explain. It's falling for reasons that are abundantly clear: there's just not much here.

Each Dip in Nvidia Stock Is a Gift for Long-Term Investors

NVDA stock just hit new highs, before selling pressure in other tech stocks weighed it down. Look for Nvidia to get back on track.

Nikola Stock Is a No-Go Until Proven Otherwise

NKLA stock was one of 2020's hottest names. But in 2021, there simply isn't much here. Until the company makes some kind of progress, investors should steer clear.

My Plea to Investors Right Now

Selling in May doesn’t make sense as a general rule. And it really doesn’t make sense this year. So, what should you do? Find out here.

In What Job Can You Be Wrong… But Still Get Paid?

The April jobs numbers were the biggest miss this century -- and the worst since 1998. But there are a few stocks that I currently like.

Stock Market Updates You Can’t Afford to Miss

There have been big moves in the market despite a disappointing jobs number, and Matt wants to talk about why. He also covers the cryptocurrency market and updates you on how some altcoins are doing while as bitcoin recovers from the last major pullback. We’re also seeing opportunities in housing stocks that have been crushed lately and solid state batteries companies.