MoneyLine Podcast: I Know Which SPAC Is About to Take Off …

On this episode, Matt goes over a ton of SPAC’s and shares which ones look like they have potential and which ones you might want to stay away from.

Chinese Stocks in the U.S. Are Here to Stay (Most Likely…)

The mainstream media has been making a big deal out of the bill the House just passed, but by now I’m sure you know not to get your financial advice from the media. Matt gives you the facts on this issue, and the fact is that the end of Chinese stocks in the U.S. would mean the end of New York as the financial capitol of the world. Of course, we all want Chinese companies to follow the same standards and U.S. ones if they’re going to be on U.S. exchanges. But a lot of them already do… and the media doesn’t mention that. Don’t let them get you in a panic and miss out on all the gains you could net by investing in Chinese stocks now.

Struggling Nikola Stock Still Has Further to Fall

NKLA stock still is based mostly on an idea. That makes investor confidence paramount -- and that confidence is nowhere to be found.

Even at Lower Prices, Steer Clear of ElectraMeccanica Stock

There are lots of good buys in the electric-vehicle market right now, but ElectraMeccanica stock is not one of them.

3 Market Predictions for the Coming Year

My predictions aren’t wild guesses. They’re based on facts, trends, and firsthand observations. Here are three to get you ready for a healthier and profitable 2021.

A $200 Million Pizza! Here’s How Bitcoin Made That Possible …

The first transaction using bitcoin took place when the cryptocurrency was trading at $ 0.003. Today, bitcoin is knocking on the door of $20,000! The end result: The $30 in bitcoin used for a Papa John's pizza purchase would be worth nearly $200 million today!

Avoid Luckin Coffee Stock Because Trust Still Matters

Despite some political developments seemingly favoring Luckin Coffee stock, the finer details reveal an organization that will have trouble courting investors.

As Novavax Stock Soars, There’s Still Opportunity

NVAX stock has already popped on recent vaccine developments, but don't worry. In the months ahead, shares could head even higher.

MoneyLine Podcast: What November’s Historic Gains Mean for You

In this episode of MoneyLine, Matt breaks down stocks that could be affected by the bitcoin rally. Plus, he talks about a few SPACs that look promising and much more.

Which Stocks Are Affected By Bitcoin? And How Can You Profit?

With bitcoin hitting new all-time highs and stocks doing the same, many are wondering if there are still profits to be made. It’s not too late, and Matt has some ideas. The bitcoin rally is far from over. Bitcoin’s ceiling is higher than many imagine, and by investing in it and the smaller altcoins you could net incredible gains. Matt also talks about SPACs that look promising and answers your question. This episode is jam packed with valuable information and analysis, so tune in now!

Use Recent Weakness in Fastly Stock to Accumulate a Position

Fastly stock has been hammered from the October high, falling more than 54%. Here's why it's a buy-the-dip name.

The Only Way to Invest In the Next Transformational Technology

Blockchain technology will impact our daily lives in ways you never would imagine. It will disrupt every industry -- and create a once-in-a-lifetime financial opportunity for those who get in early.

MoneyLine Podcast: Something to Binge Watch While You Digest Your Turkey

If you haven't watched it yet, check out my special Thanksgiving edition of MoneyLine. It is one of the most information-heavy and idea-packed podcasts I’ve ever done as a special thank you to my listeners.

How to Invest in a Post-COVID World

Buying stocks that have been hit by a serious but solvable problem, can lead to extraordinary gains when things work out positively.

Teladoc Health Is a Name to Accumulate on the Dip

There's long-term growth opportunities in the telehealth space, providing TDOC stock a long-term, multi-year runway.

Don’t Chase CIIG Merger in the EV Stock Buying Frenzy

Wait it out on CIIC stock as shares soar ahead of the Arrival deal. Almost all EV SPACs will pullback, and CIIG Merger is no exception.

MoneyLine Podcast: My Top 5 Thanksgiving Stocks

What small-cap stocks should you invest in? What alt coins should you invest in as the rally starts? And speaking of rallies EV’s are rallying!

What Small-Cap Stocks Should You Invest In?

Small caps are where you need to be in order to make big gains. Yes, the large caps are stable. But it’s hard to make huge gains with those kinds of stocks. Matt has been telling viewers to invest in small caps forever, but which should you be focused on? Matt has some ideas to share. And speaking of things that Matt has been preaching, how about this altcoin rally? If you were one of the smart investors who signed up for Ultimate Crypto, you could be up more than 100% right now! But Matt still believes there are opportunities in altcoins as bitcoin nears all-time highs. And not just altcoins… but also SPACs and electric vehicles companies.

Blockchain: How This Next Great Tech Platform Could Help Fight COVID-19

Simply put, blockchain is the safest way to store and transfer information ever created, which makes it ideal for tracking vaccines.

MoneyLine Podcast: These Charts Explain Where You Should Be Investing …

Work-from-home stocks have been thriving during this time, but are there still good buys? On this episode of the Moneyline podcast, Matt shares one name to buy, one to avoid and one to watch.