Nikola Requires More Progress and More Credibility Before It’s a Buy

NKLA stock is off sharply from its highs, but that doesn't make it cheap. With Nikola flailing, EV investors still can do better.

Avoid Genius Brands Stock Ahead of the Inevitable Dump

Pumped higher on hype alone, there's little to prevent GNUS stock from eventually falling back to prior price levels.

The Case for BlackBerry Stock Is Far Too Weak

BlackBerry is still trying to pivot from its phone business. With revenue stagnant and profitability distant, the pivot isn't working well enough to make BB stock a buy.

The Case for Nokia Stock Simply Isn’t Strong Enough

NOK stock briefly joined the ranks of 'meme stocks.' But there's a good reason why the spike didn't hold: the long-term outlook remains bleak.

At the Highs, Pinterest Stock Remains a Buy

PINS stock was one of 2020's biggest winners. But so was Pinterest's business. And the foundation laid last year should drive upside going forward.

Ignore the Second Round of ‘Meme Stock Mania’ in Koss Stock

Anyone buying KOSS stock today is gambling, not investing. With its share price divorced from its fundamentals, there's no rational reason to buy Koss right now. Stay away.

Costco Stock Is an Easy Buy on the Dip

Costco has been one of the world's best retailers, and it's not done growing. With COST stock now down 12% from its highs, investors should buy the dip.

5 Reasons Bitcoin Is Superior to Gold

Matt McCall believes bitcoin is superior to gold right now. Here's a look at his five strongest reasons.

MoneyLine Podcast: Some of The Best Stock Ideas You’ll Hear About …

On today’s new episode of MoneyLine, Matt McCall dives into the recent pullback in some of the hottest stocks and discusses what you should be doing with your portfolio now.

The Best Investment for the Next Five Years and Beyond

No one can know what will happen in the next five years and beyond. How can one know what stocks will be solid long-term investments? In this episode, Matt explains how to identify the best investments for the next five-plus years by highlighting the fundamentals of reading charts, identifying trends, and maintaining the right mindset when it comes to investing. He breaks down and analyzing 10 stocks, and he also discusses a sector that will be huge in the future.

Solar Stocks: It’s Time to Invest in One of the Most Valuable Technologies Ever

A solar revolution has begun that will lead to the biggest change to the energy market in a century.

Looking Back at Bear Market 2020: The Timeless Lesson of One Year Ago Today

When the long-term outlook is bullish -- as it is was then and is now -- pullbacks, corrections, and even bear markets give you your best buying opportunities.

MoneyLine Podcast: We’re Entering a Period of Unprecedented Opportunity

It can be difficult to watch stocks fall for several days in a row, but long-term investors must remember that this is normal and healthy market action. And right now, it's an opportunity to buy.

The Market is Down – Is it Time to Sell?

The market is down. Bitcoin is down. And people are panicking. Is it time to sell? No way. In fact, there may be opportunities out there for the taking. Matt talks about the recent pullback and why it’s important to ignore the noise and keep your heads in times like these. He also highlights many stocks that have bucked the broader trend and explains why diversifying is so important. Having the right mindset for the long term is important in order to stay sane.

The BTC Breakout Continues as New Bitcoin ETF Launches

The first bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in North America started trading Thursday on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It’s called the Purpose Bitcoin ETF, and it trades under the symbol “BTCC”.

Beware: Ocugen Is a Near $2 Billion Company That Has No Revenue

While the market obviously loves Ocugen’s pivot to addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, the reality is that OCGN stock doesn’t come anywhere close to deserving its newfound premium.

MoneyLine Podcast: SPACS, SPACS, and More SPACs

In this episode of MoneyLine, Matt McCall combine twos of his most popular segments -- SPAC Attack and Ask Matt. Get your pen and pad ready. There are lots of ideas coming your way.

Matt’s SPAC Attack

There is one focus and one focus only in this new episode of MoneyLine – SPACs! Make sure you’re ready to take notes. SPACs are hot right now, and the companies Matt talks about today span several sectors of the market. With so many deals going on, Matt breaks down the fundamentals and analyzes the charts to help you cut through the noise and get grip on how to uncover which are the most promising investments.

The Technology — and Opportunity — to Solve Power Outages

The way we make energy and the way we store it are transforming. In the coming years, expect more and more homes and buildings to be equipped with battery backup or solar.

Stock Winners: 5 Factors That Can Give You 10X Potential

Here are five important factors to consider when you’re looking for the next big stock winners.