Activision Stock Is Still a Buy on the Current Dip

Activision Blizzard stock may have a quieter year in 2021 vs. 2020, but that doesn't mean ATVI stock is one to sleep on. Here's why.

Growth and Valuation Make Huya Stock a Buy on the Dip

Continued streaming growth in China presents a long-term tailwind for Huya, while a short-term selloff has made HUYA stock downright cheap.

Closer Than Ever to a Huge Crypto Catalyst – A Bitcoin ETF

A Bitcoin ETF would be a big step forward and a catalyst to ignite the massive upside potential in altcoins. I believe that day is coming.

Sell General Electric Stock While It Trades Near Its Highs

Strong results and recovery hopes have pushed GE stock to an inflated valuation, which may not last for long.

Will Space Stocks Take Your Portfolio to the Moon?

Some growth stocks have been hit hard recently, but space stocks are clearly the future. Is it time to invest? On this episode, Matt discusses a ton of stocks that have been pummeled in recent weeks and why the dip is only temporary for some. Innovative stocks win over the long term, and companies that build the future will be worth more in the future. We’re seeing a rotation of money right now, but these periods are often great buying opportunities.

I Like This Firm … But Not Their New ETF

I love ARK Invest and the work they do. But the ARK Space Exploration ETF (ARKX) is garbage. Stay tuned for more on my space-related picks.

EV Bulls Can Do Better Than Fisker Stock

The EV trend is going to create huge winners — and big losers. FSR stock still has a significant chance of being in the latter group.

Stay Far, Far Away From Hype-Fueled Express Stock

Like so many Reddit stocks, EXPR stock has run too far. Avoid investing in Express as there's little reason to see a turnaround succeeding.

After Pullback, Look at ‘Future of Agriculture’ Play AquaBounty Stock

Yet, if things do pan out, and the company scales into a major salmon producer, AQB stock has massive room for gains. As shares sell-off, now may be time to take a position.

Stay Far Away From the GameStop Stock Madness

GME stock is not a short squeeze. It's not little guy versus big guy. It's just a pump. And when it collapses, the little guy will get hurt.

Buy Alibaba Stock While There’s Blood in the Street

Alibaba has been beaten down and out of favor. That's called opportunity, though, and BABA stock is a buy on this big dip. Here's why.

The Coolest Vending Machine Ever

Curious about what I'm talking about? It's called decentralized finance, or DeFi for short. And it's a global movement.

7 Tickers to Put on Your Watch List NOW

I want to share my personal list of stocks to watch. Buy these when other investors are panicking, and you'll be glad you did.

Stocks That Survive the Downturn

Everyone is looking for the stocks that will survive the downturn. And if you listen to the mainstream, they’ll have you believe they don’t exist. Portfolios have been crushed by the recent pullback, but that doesn’t mean that all stocks are down right now. In fact, there are stocks that have been able to survive the weakness, and in this episode Matt is going to share them with you.

Don’t Miss Out on the Biggest Financial Revolution in Centuries

The GameStop saga proved that everyday Americans want to see more fairness from our big institutions. Crypto and blockchain can provide it.

Tech Stocks Down Again… Here’s What You Should Know

The tech pullback has left many investors reeling. These big stocks have been leading the market for years now, so it makes sense that folks would panic when they get hit. The ripple effect is felt everywhere, but this isn’t the whole story. On today’s episode, Matt explains where the whole market is headed – not just the tech stocks. He breaks down the historical data chart by chart to equip you with the knowledge needed to hold on to the stocks with big potential over the long term.

The Trade Desk Stock Is On Sale, So Take Advantage

TTD stock has a compelling long-term case. Short-term volatility lets investors buy into this great growth story at an even better price.

Why the Craziest Chart I’ve Ever Seen Is So Important

Here's why what happened with GameStop is so important -- and what you need to do to benefit going forward.

Twitter Stocks Reviewed Live!

This new episode features a rapid-fire Q&A addressing the stocks you asked about on Twitter. Matt reviews 15 of your picks and digs deep into each of the companies’ charts. To have your pick featured next time, be sure to follow Matt on Twitter at @MatthewMcCall.

Here Comes the Big Money

Cryptos are being used in more places by more people all the time, and this massive disruption creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.