Top Chinese Stocks That Should be on Your Watch List

Many American investors primarily focus on American stocks. That makes sense. But if you ignore what’s going on in China, you could be leaving a lot on the table. Many of the top stocks in the American biotech sector have been struggling while in China, biotech stocks are booming. There are huge companies over there that you may never have heard of.

You May Be Surprised at Bitcoin’s Impact on the Environment

Here’s what you need to know about mining cryptos like bitcoin, its environmental impact and its effect on their potential as investments.

All About Initial Public Offerings: A Holiday IPO-Palooza

There’s an excitement about a new company has an IPO. It's all about possibilities and some of the most promising financial opportunities.

Stock Market Bounce … And IPOs To Invest In That You Probably Forgot About

The market has bounced recently, and growth stocks are finally getting their time. In this episode, Matt explains why pullbacks and consolidations are not a bad thing… and why he thinks that many innovative growth stocks will rally back. He also covers initial public offerings – or IPOs – and not the latest picks the rest of the market tends to focus on. He talks IPO investing strategy, and he talks stocks. He goes chart by chart, explaining why he believes some of these companies have so much upside potential and why now may be the time to invest.

We Can Learn A Lot from Who’s Selling Bitcoin – And Who’s Buying

Bitcoin took a beating recently. But here's what we can learn from those who sold their Bitcoin on the dip. And those who doubled down.

I Can’t Believe People Are Seriously Questioning This

Just because many tech stocks have pulled back, doesn't mean that there aren't strong, innovative companies out there.

The Big Picture for Tech, Bitcoin, and Other Opportunities

The big picture outlook for tech stocks and bitcoin still looks good despite what some may have think. If you look at the ARK Innovation ETF and compare it to an index like the S&P 500 today, it may give you the impression that you should ditch tech. But if we zoom out and take a look at the big picture, you might think differently. In this episode, Matt explains what could be down the road for bitcoin and big tech. He also shares some opportunities for diversification into sectors with a lot of promise.

5 Factors That Can Give You 10X Potential

There's no perfect recipe for picking stocks. But these five tips will put you on the right track for major gains.

Could Bitcoin Really Go That High?

Cathie Wood's super-high price target is just one sign that big money recognizes the power of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

The 3 Most Important Things to Look For in a Stock

It's normal to feel uneasy after a week like this, but investors who know what they're doing will use this as an opportunity to buy.

How to Handle Dips in the Stock Market

Let’s be honest here. Many portfolios have been crushed lately as we’ve seen huge dips in innovation and growth stocks. Even bitcoin got destroyed. Many people don’t know how to handle this unexpected volatility, and some make the mistake of panic selling. So in this episode, Matt covers the importance of holding and buying the dip. He also explains the top three things you should look for a in stock before buying, as well as the importance of thinking five to 10 years down the road. It takes a strong mindset and a lot of know how to handle big dips in your portfolio.

What the Great Rotation Means for Investors

There's been a huge pullback in growth stocks lately. But one day, we're going to look back and see all of the opportunities there were.

Use the Rally in AMC Stock to Take Profits, Then Avoid It Like the Plague

AMC stock has rallied nicely, but investors should take profits and move on. AMC will survive, but it's far from thriving.

Here’s What the Crypto Cynics Are Missing

The crypto crash may be scary for some, but Ican say with high confidence that prices will very likely be much higher over time.

Imagine R2-D2 Delivering Your Pizza …

Self-driving cars and autonomous delivery robots aren't too far off. But they're going to rely on one very important innovation: 5G.

Penn National Gaming Bulls Are Being Given a Gift With This Dip

PENN stock has been under pressure, but that presents a great opportunity for long-term, patient bulls. Here's why we like it on the dip.

It’s Time to Start Accumulating Winners Like ChargePoint Stock

Chargepoint Holdings has been buried like most EV and high-growth stocks. However, CHPT stock is not one to sleep on over the long term.

This is Actually the Most Important Infrastructure Boom

Just as the printing press and the internet had major impacts on human life, blockchain is going to change the way we do everything.

Creating New Industries, Transforming Old Ones, Generating Wealth

Most people equate tech like artificial intelligence and autonomous driving with cars, phones and computers. But there's so much more coming.

3 Must-Dos in Market Volatility

We all know stocks go up and stocks go down. It’s unavoidable. Here's how to avoid the classic major mistakes investors often make.