Don’t Miss the Newest 5G Profit Wave

The news of the lighting-fast 5G wireless network was all the rage a couple of years ago.  

Now, we don’t hear nearly as much about it, at least when it comes to investing. 

 As consumers, though, it is all around us.  

In fact, you can’t buy a cell phone today without hearing about 5G, as it is now available in most places. All of the major providers tout it.  

They are also beginning to tout 5G home internet, which uses the same network to provide internet service to the house via a receiver. 

And now we are learning about “private” 5G networks, which use the same technology but are limited to specific devices in a specific location, like a business, hospital, or campus. Just this week, two big companies in LM Ericsson (ERIC) and BT Group (BTGOF), joined forces to build commercial 5G networks in England. Expect more such partnerships in the future.

So if you’ve wondered what happened to 5G, the answer is that this massive trend continues to march forward even as stock prices have struggled amid a global pandemic, inflation, rising interest rates, and more. 

5G news flow may have quieted down, but the technology’s potential and its moneymaking potential remain strong. 

Eric Fry: This Might Just Be the Most Important Trade Recommendation of His Career 

After all, this technology promises speeds 100 times faster than 4G… basically the blink of an eye. Perhaps even more important, it promises more reliability. 

Sure, downloading pictures or a movie in a few seconds is great, but that hardly changes our world. The real transformation comes with what 5G will enable. 

As Eric Fry has written, that kind of speed “means an entirely new generation of technologies may become feasible and flourish.” 

There will be billions of devices connected – the “Internet of Things” (IoT) – in basically real time. According to IOT Analytics, the number of connected devices is expected to hit 27 billion by 2025, or nearly four devices for every person in the world. Think computers, tablets, phones, fitness trackers, even appliances and kids’ toys.  

The speed is great, but the reliability is probably an even bigger gamechanger. It makes possible things can’t have data hiccups. Like robotic surgeries – you can live in California and have your knee operated on by a world-class surgeon in New York without having to travel. 

Perhaps the biggest example is autonomous vehicles (AVs). It is a slow process getting to the point where cars can safely drive themselves, but it would be pretty much impossible without the fast and reliable data transfer enabled by 5G. 

Since everything will be connected – from the traffic light to the stroller being pushed along the sidewalk – the car can’t afford any blips. Even a split-second delay in hitting the brakes could cause an accident. 

There is much more, but you can see why Eric Fry has closely followed this trend for nearly two years and believes smart investors need to pay close attention. The 5G revolution, as he calls it, “will create enormous opportunities for select companies and their shareholders.” 

As such, Eric has chosen five must-have 5G stocks for 2022.  

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