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This Is the “Rebirth of America”


This Is the “Rebirth of America”

This week, we’ve talked a lot about the massive new megatrend that’s been quietly building since the early days of COVID-19: deglobalization.

But though this megatrend has been slowly taking root, things are really gearing up now…

Today, we’ll round out this three-part series with a little more on Intel Corp. (INTC)’s role in this titular new trend – and how you can play this “Rebirth of America”…

Eric Fry Announces: “The Birth of America 2.0”

After a hard year and volatile markets… a new wealth phenomenon is taking shape right here on American soil… in a place you’d least expect. This could save our economy. And Eric Fry just found at least five ways you could make 1,000% or higher

The Future Comes Standard

For both Ford and Intel, the future they imagine is one where U.S. technological and industrial prowess leads the way, and where refortified U.S. supply chains replace foreign ones.

Part of Intel’s future includes a comprehensive technology partnership with Ford itself, as well as with Volkswagen AG (VWAGY) and several other auto manufacturers.

Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has made it very clear that he believes the auto market will power spectacular demand growth for semiconductors for several years.

Today, semiconductors account for just 4% of the cost of building a premium auto. But by the end of the decade, that percentage should grow to about 20%, according to industry projections.

This trend, says Gelsinger, “is driving this fundamental transformation of the auto to becoming a computer on wheels.”

To prepare for this future, Intel is spending tens of billions of dollars to build new semiconductor production facilities in the U.S. Already, the company has broken ground on two new factories in Arizona. The $20 billion plants – dubbed Fab 52 and Fab 62 – will bring the total number of Intel factories at its campus in Chandler, Arizona, to six.

Meanwhile, the chip-making giant is spending an additional $20 billion to establish a “Silicon Heartland” by building a massive new fab in Licking County, Ohio.

But Intel is not the only major company that has embarked on ambitious made-in-America expansion plans. Foreign companies are also expanding their U.S. footprints in an effort to nudge their way into U.S. supply chains. You can find more examples here.

If we pull back from these individual examples to a 30,000-foot perspective, the picture that comes into view is unmistakable; the Made-in-America trend is catching fire.

And as it gains momentum, it will produce a massive new wave of technological innovation… and provide a new generation of Made-in-America investment opportunities.

It’s Time to Act: Your Next “Made-in-America” Opportunity Is Here

Last month, I traveled 2,200 miles from my home in California to a mountaintop in Tennessee.

It was cold, the sky was a monotonous gray, and while the hike was nice, that wasn’t what called me to travel there.

Rather than the top of the mountain, I was focused on what was brewing below…

… What I believe to be the next great breeding ground for American wealth.

As I’ve shown you this past week, stirrings of this new phenomenon have already begun.

And before they come to completion, we could have America’s entire economy remapped – and see decades of rapid new growth…

In this brief video, I’ll show you exactly what I mean, which states are home to the companies that stand to prosper, and my No. 1 pick in this space.

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