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5 Technology Stocks That (Almost) Are the Next Apple

AAPL is in a league of its own, but these picks come close

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All right, so everyone knows Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is king of the universe.

Its growth is stunning: Apple just plunked down 118% earnings growth last quarter.

Its cash horde is legendary: As of the first of the year, Apple had a staggering $10.3 billion in cash, $19.8 billion in short-term investments and $67 billion in long-term investments.

Its outperformance is well known: AAPL stock is up 35% in the past year to lap the Dow seven times over, and up 430% in the past five years vs. a mostly flat stock market.

How can you find the next Apple? Sadly, contrary to the the hyped-up marketing messages you see on financial sites, there is no “next Apple.” And if there is, I guarantee you some huckster sellin’ newsletters for a few hundred bucks isn’t going to be the one to discover it.

That said, there assuredly are a group of stocks out there with a lot in common with Apple. They might not have a bulletproof brand with a balance sheet that is the envy of all Wall Street, but these tech stocks have a heck of a lot to offer.

Here are five tech giants with big growth, no debt and almost as much potential as Apple.

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