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5 Boring Stocks, 5 Sexy Yields

If you can survive the yawns, these stocks will pay off

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money in the handsInvesting is not all that different from choosing a spouse. At some point in every man’s life, he has to make a choice: Does he go for the alluring but volatile young vixen who ultimately will put him in an early grave, or does he take the more rational course of action and choose a mature, dependable companion to spend his life with?

(Women face similar choices themselves; to marry the handsome but unpredictable young buck or the more stable — if somewhat boring — workhorse.)

It’s nice if you can have it all, of course; romance and stability in a partner.

For investors, much the same can be said about stocks. Sexy “glamour” stocks — and the heartburn they often bring — are best left to shorter-term traders. Bonds offer stability but nothing in the way of excitement. If you are looking for something in the middle — predictable, long-term wealth building — dividend-paying equities are likely your best option. They allow you reach your financial goals while still managing to sleep at night.

Today, I’m going to recommend five boring stocks with sexy yields.

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