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5 Sleazy Gold Coin Scams

Avoid being duped by unscrupulous gold scam artists

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Gold Scam 2: Pretty Packages

gold scam 2The Coin Con: Be very cautious about grading certificates and “slabs” or other ornamental holders that prevent you from examining the actual coin itself. Some disreputable dealers like to put inferior products on fancy plaques or behind layers of plastic to prevent you from inspecting the piece. You could fall prey to the aforementioned grading scam this way, or worse, buy a coin that is a gold-copper alloy but looks pure in its protective casing.

Solution: Never buy collectors’ items or gold coins in pretty packages. If you’re decorating a room, it can be excused, but no serious investor/collector cares whether his gold coins are displayed in a pleasing matter. Quality and value matter more.

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