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10 Buffett Dividend Stocks Paying 3% or More

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Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Berkshire Shares: 1.51 million shares
Yield: 5.0%
YTD Returns: -1% vs. 8% for the S&P
5 year returns: -14% vs. -13% for the S&P

U.K. drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) just made a big splash with the buyout of Human Genome Sciences (NASDAQ:HGSI) for $3.6 billion. That could yield benefits in the long term with an addition to the product pipeline — and may help this Berkshire stock turnaround its rather disappointing track record when it comes to stock performance.

Of course, beyond share price there’s the yield — and Big Pharma means big dividends. Though GSK isn’t consistent as domestic pharmaceuticals when it comes to distributions, the last four quarterly payouts range between 52 cents and 82 cents a share. Add up the last four consecutive payments, and you get $2.43 cents annually for a hefty 5.0% yield.

If you want to be conservative, however, four quarters at the lowest payment of 52 cents gets you to $2.08 annually — which isn’t as rosy, but still an impressive 4.6% yield.

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