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5 Boring Stocks Paying Solid Dividends

PG, JNJ and others may be dull, but their payouts are anything but drab

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I don’t like to be bored.

I mean, isn’t life all about exciting, new experiences that offer thrills, and even the prospect of a little danger? I guess that’s why I drive race cars, raise rodeo horses, compose and perform music, and trade stocks and options.

However, there is one part of my life where I prefer boring, and that’s when it comes to stocks that pay dividends.

You see, when it comes to income investing, slow, steady, stable and yes, even boring, rules the roost. Nobody wants huge volatility in what I call their “serious money” (as opposed to certain pundits always talking about their “mad money”). Rather, what we really want is a reliable dividend that delivers market-beating yield for our hard-earned bucks.

So, armed with this thesis, here are five boring stocks paying solid dividends:

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