Wild West of Tablets: Which Will Succeed?

There might be a lot of tablets, but they're not all created equal

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Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Wild West of Tablets: Which Will Succeed?Last year’s Kindle Fire tablet was an unexpected bestseller on top of arguably being the device that proved a demand for smaller, less expensive tablets. Closely tied to Amazon’s media empire (despite running a customized version of Android, the tablets buy movies, e-books, music and apps directly from Amazon) the Kindle Fire has tremendous appeal to consumers.

This year, Amazon introduced Kindle HD models with faster processors, a bigger model to compete against the iPad and high definition displays (1920 x 1200 on the 8.9-inch model).

An ad-supported 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD is $299, while a 4G LTE model with a cheap monthly data plan goes for $499 and the base model 7-inch Kindle Fire has dropped to $149.

Analysts are calling for Amazon to move 8 million Kindle Fires over Q4.

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