The Best and Worst U.S. Airlines in November

With Sandy in the past, airline performance rises

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Fewest Customer Complaints

Southwest The Best and Worst U.S. Airlines in November Southwest — 15 total complaints, 0.16% per 100,000 enplanements

Southwest has long been king among airline customers for its customer service, and passengers still love LUV. Keep a close eye on the impact of a number of new fees on customer satisfaction; Southwest has added a $40 early boarding fee for passengers who want a guarantee that they will be among the first group to board the plane. Still, as long as “Bags Fly Free,” LUV should retain its popularity with frequent flyers.

Runners up:

 2. ExpressJet — 7 total complaints, 0.26% per 100,000 enplanements

3. Mesa Airlines — 2 total complaints, 0.32% per 100,000 enplanements

4. Alaska Airlines — 5 total complaints, 0.33% per 100,000 enplanements

How other major airlines stack up:

Delta — 42 total complaints, 0.45% per 100,000 enplanements

AirTran — 8 total complaints, 0.49% per 100,000 enplanements

American Eagle — 12 total complaints, 0.80 per 100,000 enplanements

JetBlue — 21 total complaints, 0.90% per 100,000 enplanements

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