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3 Stocks That Could Break Your Heart in 2014

Trusting in such wild valuations is a wicked game

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We’ve all been there: a torrid love affair that you know would end badly.

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It sure was fun at the beginning. You’d get that little flutter in your chest and your pulse would race whenever you laid eyes on them … and oh, the way they would move. But deep down, you knew it would be a mistake to get too attached. It was never going to work long term.

And it always made you a little uncomfortable to hear the other guys in the office high-fiving and bragging about their own exploits with the object of your affection.

I’m talking about hot momentum stocks, of course. What were you thinking about?

The truth is, the passions unleashed by a momentum stock aren’t all that different from those experienced in a new romance. And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to give you three stocks that look so good … but are likely to break your heart if your commit to them. Trade them if you will. They can make for exciting flings. But whatever you do, don’t marry them.

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