5 Ambitious Plans From AMZN: Which Will Work?

The e-commerce giant is stirring the pot, but will it drive AMZN stock higher?

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Amazon Kindle Checkout

Kindle Fire 300x187 5 Ambitious Plans From AMZN: Which Will Work?Anything that makes the Kindle more useful to consumers makes it more marketable. Likewise, anything that puts the Amazon tablet in a user’s hand makes the Kindle’s owner more likely to buy digital content at Amazon.com. From that perspective, the recent announcement of an Amazon-supported point-of-sale/checkout system that allows a retailer to scan a Kindle device seems like a brilliant idea. There’s just one problem. If Google (GOOG) Wallet, Apple (AAPL) Passbook, Isis, Square, PayPal, Clinkle, and a whole slew of other similar options aren’t getting any significant traction, the odds of Amazon making a meaningful dent are slim. And, even a small dent in the POS market wouldn’t give AMZN stock a measurable boost.

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