3 Retail Stocks to Buy Low and Sell High

There's nothing easy about the comeback road for any of these companies, but they all have enormous rebound potential, too

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3 Retail Stocks to Buy Low and Sell High

Aeropostale (ARO) announced May 1 that it was cutting 100 jobs at its headquarters and closing 125 mall-based P.S. stores in an effort to right its ship, which has listed badly in recent quarters.

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It’s a sign of something bigger.

The halcyon days of retail stocks where seemingly every company hit new highs is over. While not every retailer is beaten down — Michael Kors (KORS) and Kate Spade (KATE) are both within 15% of five-year high — many are, including Aeropostale.

However, while retail stocks to buy are few and far between these days … they still exist. For instance, at the end of April, Briefing.com’s Patrick O’Hare put together a group of nine retailers that are beaten down but potentially make great stocks to buy, and I happen to strongly agree with a couple of the picks myself.

Those of you willing to accept a significant amount of risk should consider these three retail stocks to buy. Doing so, however, takes conviction. If you can’t stand the heat — please don’t go in the kitchen.

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