3 Dead-Money Blue Chips to Avoid

Value stocks are much harder to find than "cheap" stocks

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3 Dead-Money Blue Chips to Avoid

Wannabe Warren Buffetts always try to find value where others don’t see it, whether it’s hefty blue chips or growthy small caps.

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More often than not, though, these investors find themselves owning stocks that are cheap for a reason, as opposed to stocks that are merely undervalued. (The difference being that the latter won’t be cheap forever, while the former will siphon the money out of your portfolio faster than a vacuum cleaner.)

Below are my picks of beaten-down Blue Chips that have plenty of admirers among the web stock commentators who prognosticate about these things. By the way, I include myself amongst this august and occasionally wrong group. The blue chips that I have listed below may look pretty to investors, but a closer look shows that they are in Wall Street’s penalty box for a good reason.

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