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5 Weird & Unloved ETFs Getting The Job Done

ETFs for investors who prefer to take the road less traveled

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5 Weird & Unloved ETFs Getting The Job Done

We’re big fans of exchange traded funds (ETFs) here at InvestorPlace.

12195087 Up Graph e1287685365323 5 Weird & Unloved ETFs Getting The Job DoneFeaturing intraday tradability and low expenses, ETFs have revolutionized the way that both institutional and retail investors build their portfolios. And since debuting in the early 1990s — with the launch of the SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) — issuance of new ETFs have exploded and now cover a diverse asset class base.

Yet, the bulk of ETF assets are in a few broad index funds. The SPY alone has nearly $160 billion in assets.

But with more than 1500 ETFs to choose from, investors may be missing out of some of the markets opportunities if they only focus on the biggest and well-known index funds. The truth is there are plenty of “weird” ETFs out there that have been great long-term performers.

Here are five of the best ETFs to buy.

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