Best Vanguard Funds to Buy for Target Date 2035 Retirement

You'll need to do some financial jugggling, and these funds will help

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Best Vanguard Funds for Target Date 2035 Retirement
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The “sandwich generation” often faces financial commitments today, making it harder to set aside money for retirement in the future.

You’ve just turned 45. Many experts suggest the next decade — ages 45 to 54 — will be your peak earnings years. It stands to reason that you would be fairly confident about this phase of your life. With 21 years to retirement, it should be easy picking the best Vanguard Funds for target date 2035.

best vanguard index fundsUnfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

That’s because you are what is commonly referred to as the “sandwich generation” and face financial question marks concerning both your college-aged kids and parents who are likely well into retirement. Financial commitments today make it harder to set aside money for your own retirement in the future.

How do you juggle all of these concerns? Very carefully.

You’ll want to have cash available to cover today’s expenses … yet be taking sufficient investment risks to grow your retirement portfolio to the point you’ll have plenty to live on when you hit age 66.  Like I said, it isn’t easy.

With this in mind here are the best Vanguard Funds for target date 2035:

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