Follow the Smart Money Into These 3 Energy Stocks

Big-time hedge fund managers are making big bets on energy

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Follow the Smart Money Into These 3 Energy Stocks

For us retail investors, it pays to heed the advice of some superstar money managers. After all, they didn’t get to be billionaires — and in some cases multi-billionaires — by making a lot of poor investment decisions. Finding underfollowed values and contrarian bets are the keys to their long-term success. Those are traits that all investors should strive to follow.

smart money Follow the Smart Money Into These 3 Energy StocksAnd the best way for retail investors to find out what the smart money is doing is by looking at their recent 13F filings.

The form is a quarterly report that money managers with more than $100 million in equity holdings must fill out with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). It’s incredibly valuable to the rest of us, as it provides a free glimpse into what the “smart money” names are buying and selling each quarter.

And it seems that the smart money has a penchant for energy stocks. For the latest quarter, superstar money managers dove heavily into the oil & natural gas sector. But what exact energy stocks were they buying?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros’ top energy stocks picks:

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