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Allstate Corp to Buy SquareTrade in $1.4 Billion Deal

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UPS Strike? United Parcel Service, Inc. Aircraft Workers Vote ‘Yes’

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10 Hot Stocks That Made Millionaires in 10 Years

Do you own any hot stocks that have dished out a 1,000% return in a decade or less? Those are the kind of results you only hear about when they happen to someone else ... and all too often, the those tales end up being more than a tad exaggerated. [ipm_caption id="543278" align="right" width="300"]10 Hot Stocks That Made Millionaires in 10 Years
Source: ©iStock.com/bowie15
[/ipm_caption] But these kinds of trades aren't quite as unusual as you might imagine. The market has dished out several of them over the course of the past 10 years, and it didn't always necessarily require rolling the dice on some unknown biotech working on a breakthrough cancer drug. Many of these companies were and still are conventional businesses my nearly all standards. With that as the backdrop, here's a closer look at 10 hot stocks that would have turned a $100,000 investment into at least a million dollars within 10 years -- though most of these would've done far better than that. Even investors who were playing with less to start out found their nest eggs changed drastically for the better. That's what 10-, 20- and even 30-baggers will do. A few of these companies are everyday names, but several of these monster winners flew almost completely under most investors' radars. Here they are, in order of their eye-popping gains: Next Page Read Article

7 Rookie Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Pound for pound, the most accessible way for beginner investors to build capital equity is the financial markets. [ipm_caption id="762000" align="right" width="300"]7 Rookie Investing Mistakes to Avoid [/ipm_caption] Unlike sports betting or casino gambling, buying stock in a company is an asset that grants privileges and rights. Even if the shares lose value, you still own a piece of that business. And while real estate is considered the king of investments, the barrier to entry is steep. One of the great selling points about financial investing is that there's virtually no limit in terms of how you can apply your own interests. If you're into sports, you can always pick up shares of Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE) or Under Armour Inc (NYSE:UA). You can even invest in world-famous soccer club Manchester United PLC (NYSE:MANU). In fact, one of the most common investing mistakes among beginners is not expanding their horizons. There's an entire world of opportunity out there waiting to be discovered! At the same time, not all stocks are built the same. Rushing into a company without research and due diligence can be a recipe for disaster. Both excessive bullishness and crippling bearishness can be rookie investing mistakes. Deciding to start the investment journey is only half of the solution. To complete the process will require time and effort. The path along the way can personally and monetarily be rich and rewarding, or utterly devastating. Avoid these seven investing mistakes to give yourself the best chance for success! Next Page Read Article

10 Stocks That Every Investor Should Own

Whether you are an index investor or a would-be market beater, there are some names out there that are musts when it comes to stocks to buy. [ipm_caption id="746743" align="right" width="300"]10 Stocks That Every Investor Should Own (AAPL AMZN GOOGL) [/ipm_caption] Call them bedrock stocks. These are equities that every serious long-term portfolio should own. We're talking about companies with massive market capitalizations, tremendous cash flow and the ability to be a dominant player in their respective industries. In many cases these stocks are going to be helped by powerful, secular demographic and technological trends. In others, they simply have a near inviolable position in the old economy. Either way, their best days are still ahead of them. It's also worth noting that given enough time, every business's growth prospects slow. At that point, they can transition to becoming generous vehicles for income. That is, if they have the scale and cash flow to make good on a steadily rising dividend. Indeed, some of these names already do. After examining the market for mega-cap stocks, these 10 names stood out as foundational investments. If the have anything in common, it's that they are must-have names to serve as the bedrock of any long-term portfolio. Next Page Read Article

7 Stocks to Buy That Will Grow by Double Digits

Mixed signals over recent weeks have placed investment analysts all over the map when it comes to their growth stock recommendations. Some see the S&P 500 Index headed for a nasty fall, while others feel the bull market is still making a roar. [ipm_caption id="804109" align="right" width="300"]7 Stocks to Buy That Will Grow by Double Digits [/ipm_caption] On Oct. 12, HSBC Holdings Plc technical analyst Murray Gunn wrote in a note to clients:
"With the U.S. stock market selling off aggressively on October 11, we now issue a RED ALERT," he said. "The possibility of a severe fall in the stock market is now very high.”
That’s not very encouraging. On the flip side, technical analyst Chris Ciovacco wrote Oct. 12 that the charts are bullish on the S&P 500. It’s hard to know who investors should believe. But there’s a solution. Rather than try to time the market, buy the stocks of companies expected to do well in the coming weeks regardless of where the overall markets are headed. In the past week, analysts have been busy adjusting their price targets up and down. Wall Street thinks these seven growth stocks will appreciate by double-digits over the next 12 months. Clearly, if you’re looking for growth stocks to buy, these should on your watchlist. Next Page Read Article

16 Best Stocks to Buy Under President Donald Trump

With the most memorable election in our memory right around the corner, the contest continues to look like a horse race while both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to exchange political punches. [ipm_caption id="757534" align="right" width="300"]Donald Trump [/ipm_caption] All things considered equal, the U.S. stock market and the economy have likely set their course for the next few years, as is usually the case. But there are enough clear differences in the two politicians' platforms that we can use to determine some select groups of the market -- and even specific stocks to buy -- that will benefit from either candidate's victory. As it stands now, a Trump victory would put attention on infrastructure, privatization of certain segments of the economy and evening the playing field for American companies to compete against cheaper international markets. With that in mind, these are the 16 best stocks to buy should Donald Trump relocate from Trump Tower to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Next Page Read Article