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Making Money, Stuck in a RUT

Russell 2000 Index is ripe for an iron condor


The Russell 2000 Index (NASDAQ: RUT) is a low-volatility asset. It’s not likely to make any major moves (barring unforeseen events). It’s gotten as high as around 860 lately, and is in an oscillating uptrend. This index is an excellent candidate for an iron condor.

An iron condor is a trade in which a trader sells both a call credit spread and a put credit spread on the same underlying asset. The trade profits if the stock remains in a range set by the short strike prices. Let’s look at this week’s Market Taker Edge trade in RUT.

Sell the RUT May 790-800-865-875 Iron Condor

Trade the following four legs as part of a single trade:

Buy the May 790 puts

Sell the May 800 puts

Sell the May 865 calls

Buy the May 875 calls

for a total price of $3.50 or better. The trade profits if RUT stays between 800 and 865 by May expiration. This is a high probability trade as there is a wide range in which the stock must remain within. The trade has limited risk and a nice payoff if it works out. All-in-all, this is a well-structured iron condor, set up with Edge.

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