McDonald’s to Drop One Line of Burgers, Expand Another

Angus burgers on the way out

By Nate Wooley, InvestorPlace Writer

mcdonalds store 630Fast-food giant McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) is killing off one of its burger lines.

The Angus burger — one-third pound burgers launched in 2009 — are being discontinued by the chain, the Associated Press reports.

The restaurant chain is making the cuts as it continues to revamp its menu to appeal to a more health- and price-conscious customer. The Angus burgers were among the chain’s most expensive items. With the popularity of the company’s Dollar Menu, Angus Burgers were being seen as too expensive to keep on the menu. Also being discontinued are its Chicken Selects and the Fruit & Walnut Salad items.

However, franchisees report that the long-time favorite Quarter Pounder burgers are being expanded. New versions — including one with bacon — are in the planning stages and should be rolled out this year.

A spokesman for McDonald’s would not rule out a role for the Angus burger in the future. He reiterated that the move was to “make room for new and exciting choices for our customers.”

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