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Black Friday Fights – 5 Worst Cases of Brawls

Death, stampedes, brawls and more have become side effects of sweet Black Friday deals

By Burke Speaker, Investorplace Writer


The good news about Black Friday deals is that shoppers can save bundles of money. The bad news? Black Friday fights have become an ugly side effect.

In fact, there’s a Black Friday saying that goes something like this: Only in America would there be fighting across the nation for things folks want to buy — the day after families gather to give thanks for what they already have.

Yes, every year we hear the same stories about Black Friday fights, brawls and stampedes caused by shoppers who lose their cool trying to snag the best deals. Don’t expect Black Friday 2013 to be any different.

Heading into the heated shopping day, here are five of the worst cases of Black Friday fights.

Worst Black Friday Fights: A Brawl Over Panties

The first of our awful Black Friday fights took place at a Victoria’s Secret store in California. To women got into a huge tiff over a pair of panties — and the men they arrived with began getting into a huge brawl.

During this Black Friday fight, one man was kicked in the head repeatedly after falling to the ground.

The brawl happened outside the store during the Black Friday shopping rush, and carried on for 15 minutes until security arrived.

Check out the video here.

Worst Black Friday Fights: Walmart Worker Dies

In 2008, a mob got tired of waiting for a Walmart (WMT) store to open. Anxious for their Black Friday deals, folks at the Long Island WMT location busted into the store and began a stampede and riot that sent store employees leaping atop vending machine to avoid the mob.

The violence that followed was worse than the last two Black Friday fights; it left 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour dead and four shoppers injured, including a woman eight months pregnant.

I can’t think of any Black Friday deals worth that kind of violence.

Worst Black Friday Fights: Woman Pepper Sprays Crowd

Walmart seems to be a common destination for the worst Black Friday fights. At a Los Angeles area Walmart in 2011, one woman decided the best way to nab her Black Friday deals was to pepper spray those around her.

The mob-like crowd was pushing and shoving their way — as you do during Black Friday shopping — to a heavily discounted X-Box display when the woman sprayed some 20 people around her.

A number were treated at the scene of the Black Friday fight, but the woman escaped — likely with her coveted X-Box.

Worst Black Friday Fights: Mob Walks Over Dying Elderly Man

Black Friday shopping went terrible wrong for one elderly man a couple years ago.

At a West Virginia Target (TGT) store in 2011, an elderly man collapsed and lay dying as throngs of shoppers stepped over his body during the rush to find Black Friday deals.

Friends and family were outraged that he was ignored by Black Friday shoppers, even as he lay dying on the floor of the store.

Worst Black Friday Fights: Customers Shoot Each Other to Death

As a heads up, Black Friday 2013 is perhaps one of the worst days to decide to carry your gun — or one of the best days if you expect to be shot at.

In fact, the worst of all Black Friday fights involved firearms. Two customers at a Toys “R” Us got into a fight during Black Friday shopping in 2008, pulled their guns and began firing at each other.

With other customers scurrying for safety, the men continued firing until both died from their wounds.

The lesson for Black Friday 2013: Keep your cool and be safe to avoid being part of Black Friday fights.

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