More Trouble for GOOG: Google Autocomplete Comes Under Fire

Google (GOOG) is in trouble over the autocomplete feature of its search engine.

google-goog-google-autocompleteGoogle is facing a lawsuit from Albert Yeung, a Hong Kong businessman, over its autocomplete suggestions when searching his name. Yeung’s lawsuit claims that the search engine hurt his image when it autocompleted searches with his name to organized crime in China, reports the Associated Press.

Google argues that it isn’t responsible for what comes up during autocomplete. The search engine claims that Yeung should look to have the questionable information about him removed from the websites hosting it, not from its search engine. Judge Marlene Ng sided with Yeung and has granted him the right to sue the tech company, the Associated Press notes.

This sin’t the first time that Google has been in court over its autocomplete feature. The feature also landed the company in hot water in 2011 when a a court ordered the company to remove suggestions that an Italian man was a “con” and a “fraud”. It was also forced to remove suggestions that a Japanese man was linked to crimes in 2012, reports Forbes.

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