So How About Those Low Interest Rates? – Linkfest (Aug 12)

Remember like a year ago, when everyone was claiming that interest rates were about to rise? Saying that Janet Yellen and crew would finally make the decision to hike, and that the yield on the 10 year Treasury bonds would surge? Yep … still hasn’t happened. What’s more is that it may not happen anytime soon. There’s a lot of data and reasons why we might see higher yields. Here’s Susanne Walker and Cordell Eddings at Bloomberg with all the details and data on the lower treasury yields.

The New York Times’ Deal Book (Jeff Sommer): These lower treasury yields are really messing with experts’ heads. Why won’t they rise?!

Econintersect (Michael Haltman): If the economy is cooking, then why the low treasury yields and interest rates?

Market Anthropology (Erik Swarts): Then again, it’s really not that surprising that treasury yields are still dropping.

Horan Capital Blog (David Templeton): It’s not just bread-n-butter Treasuries. All bonds continue to see inflows. Well … minus junk.

BeyondBrics (Lucinda Elliott): Even defaulted Argentinian bonds are rallying. (Cinthia Murphy): PIMCO’s Total Return Bond ETF (BOND) will now be able to invest in derivatives such as options, futures and swaps contracts. Bill Gross could use the help.

Business Insider (Rob Wile): Richard Kinder made $1.5 billion in a single day with his Kinder Morgan (KMI) magic. Nice work, if you can get it.

China In Real Time Blog/WSJ (Staff): Despite its torrid growth, most of China is still dilapidated.

Salon (Andrew O’Hehir): The world lost one of its greatest comedic and dramatic voices last night. RIP Robin Williams.

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