Holiday Tipping Guide 2014: Who to Tip and How Much

Do you need a holiday tipping guide for 2014?

Tipping Guide

If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list that includes information on how much to tip workers in different professions.‘s Holiday Tipping Survey determined that 1 in 4 people (21%) plan on spending more on tipping this holiday season compared to last year. However, 21% of people don’t plan on tipping at all this year.

Here is our holiday tipping guide for 2014, which includes data extracted from US NewsForbes and Regina Leader-Post.

Make sure you give back this Christmas and tip those around you generously!

Holiday Tipping Guide 2014: Cab Drivers

Tipping Guide

You should tip your cab driver 10% to 20%.

That is the rule of thumb for most cab rides. However, Uber and other cab services specify that you do not need to tip all drivers.

A thank you doesn’t hurt either.

Holiday Tipping Guide 2014: Barber

Tipping Guide

When it comes time to tipping barbers, it can be complicated to know how much is appropriate.

Some claim that about 20% of the price is the right amount but the tip for a barber can be as much as the price of a haircut.

You can also give your barber a gift this year.

Holiday Tipping Guide 2014: Restaurants

Tipping Guide

Tip your waiter or server a little bit more this year.

15% to 20% is the standard but it’s quickly become closer to 20%. In some cases, there’s nothing wrong with tipping a little extra.

And remember, you never want to mess with someone who handles your food.

Holiday Tipping Guide 2014: Newspaper Deliverers

Tipping Guide
Source: ©

You do tip newspaper deliverers.

$10 to $20 is the right gift for those brave souls who offer you the world in a handful on a daily basis.

Make sure to conceal the cash or check in an envelope if you decide to do so.

Holiday Tipping Guide 2014: Babysitter

Tipping Guide

Babysitters are some of the most important people out there.

Not only do they take care of your children, but they also keep your house safe when you’re not around.

An evening’s pay along with a gift fromapp hol your child would be a fitting gift.

Holiday Tipping Guide 2014: Doorman

Tipping Guide

This one’s a little trickier as my sources have conflicting recommendations.

Some believe that $15 to $100 is appropriate enough for any doorman. $20 to $100 also works so you can’t go wrong if you stay in this range.

Happy holidays!

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