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3 Things Wrong With the iPhone X That Cast a Shadow on Apple Inc.

If these gaffes show systemic sloppiness, owners of AAPL stock may have a problem

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Without fail, when someone dares to suggest Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is fallible and that AAPL stock has the potential to lose value, the fanboys come out in spades and “explain” to that person that they simply don’t appreciate the greatness of the company’s products and the profitability of the corporation. This time around isn’t apt to be any different.

Nevertheless, simply because small things can end up being big things — and knowing companies are sometimes knocked off pedestals without any warning — a trio of problems with the recently unveiled and hotly touted iPhone X may in some way be a sign that Apple’s passion for perfection is a thing of the past.

It’s a reality that should have smart investors at least wondering if AAPL stock has lost the luster it had when Steve Jobs was at the helm.

3 Things Wrong With the iPhone X

Giving credit where it’s due, Apple’s newest smartphone is an amazing device, functionally and conceptually. The relatively small phone boasts a relatively large screen by using all the “real estate” available to it, the onboard camera is as powerful as any professional-caliber digital camera and the ability to charge the device wirelessly is a big hit.

On the flipside, AAPL stock holders have already (or soon will) learn about a few too many flaws with the iPhone that simply wouldn’t have been allowed to exist at a different time for the company. Three of them are conspicuous enough imply Apple is losing its touch when it comes to the quality that its loyal fans fell in love over the course of the past decade.

1. OLED Screen Burn-In

Users of the newest iPhone will likely have noticed the screen is sharper and more vibrant than smartphone screens they’ve seen in the past. There’s a reason. Apple is using an OLED (organic light emitting diodes) screen, which is amazing to be sure, but will eventually result in burn in, or the permanent “ghosting” of a displayed image on the physical screen, even when that image isn’t being displayed on-screen.

It’s not Apple’s fault, to be fair. Burn-in is a reality for all OLED screens. But since Apple made a choice to use OLED technology though — and arguably didn’t have to — it’s going to be held accountable by frustrated customers.

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