Metro by T-Mobile: MetroPCS Gets a New Name, Unlimited Plans

T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS more than five years ago

T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) announced that it has renamed its subsidiary MetroPCS to “Metro by T-Mobile.”

Metro by T-MobileThe move is part of a rebranding plan as MetroPCS — which T-Mobile acquired more than five years ago — has traditionally been a prepaid wireless phone service market, which is geared towards consumers with weak or no credit histories and lower incomes.

MetroPCS has more than doubled in size to 18 million subscribers since the acquisition, growing from 12 markets to roughly 100 around the U.S. The rebranding to Metro by T-Mobile will support unlimited data plans in order to capture a wider audience.

The parent company will market the new service as running on the same wireless network as T-Mobile, plus both of Metro’s new unlimited plans will come with no additional cost for cloud storage from the Google One (NASDAQ:GOOG,NASDAQ:GOOGL) program. It will also include a plan that comes with Amazon Prime (NASDAQ:AMZN).

The first new Metro with T-Mobile plan will set consumers back $50 for one line and for up to $140 for four lines. It will include unlimited 4G LTE data for phones, 5 GB per month in the form of tethered data for a connected laptop or tablet, as well as Google One.

The second new plan will cost $60 for one line and up to $150 for four lines. It will offer unlimited 4G LTE data, 15 GB of tethering data, as well as Google One and Amazon Prime. After using 35 GB of data, your navigating and streaming speeds will slow down.

TMUS stock was down by about 0.7% on Monday following the news.

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