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Coronavirus Shortages: 5 Consumer Products Affected by COVID-19

Coronavirus shortages are affecting everything lately and customers are having to go extra lengths to get basics, like milk. That has some people turning to alternatives, such as oat milk, but even it’s running thin. Fruit snacks are another desirable product that some customers are starting to see run out.

Coronavirus Shortages: 5 Consumer Products Affected by COVID-19

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All of these shortages are making it harder for people to live their lives normally. Many aren’t even going out shopping if they can avoid it. However, a trip to the store is in need every once in a while to stock up on supplies.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just these items that customers are having a hard time finding. Check out the following gallery for five products with limited, or soon to be limited, supplies thanks to the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Shortages — Vitamin C

Coronavirus Shortages: 5 Consumer Products Affected by COVID-19

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No one wants to end up sick as the coronavirus from China continues to spread. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to stay home during these times. To help combat the virus, many Americans are buying up supplies of vitamin C.

That alone would be enough to cause worry, but it gets worse. Vitamin C is among the pharmaceutical products that the U.S. mostly gets from China. In fact, over 90% of the goods come from the country. With China dealing with its own coronavirus woes, the vitamin may become tougher to find on store shelves in the near future.

Coronavirus Shortages — Onions & Garlic

Coronavirus Shortages: 5 Consumer Products Affected by COVID-19

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There isn’t a problem finding onions and garlic in the U.S. just yet, but that doesn’t mean the country is out of the woods. Indonesia is having trouble acquiring the vegetables due to much of its supply coming from China.

The onions and garlic shortage is so bad over there that Carl’s Junior locations in the country are no longer selling onion rings. That only makes sense as the price for onions has surged higher than beef amid the supply constraints.

Coronavirus Shortages — Thermometers

Coronavirus Shortages: 5 Consumer Products Affected by COVID-19

Source: Pormezz/Shutterstock.com

Americans that don’t already own a thermometer may be out of luck. The device for checking temperatures is out of stock at many stores, as well as online. CVS Health (NYSE:CVS) is among the locations that can’t keep them in stock.

That makes sense as people are sure to want to keep an eye on their health. One of the symptoms of coronavirus is a fever, which means that thermometers could be a way to monitor one’s health during this outbreak.

Coronavirus Shortages — Board Games

Coronavirus Shortages: 5 Consumer Products Affected by COVID-19

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With everyone having to stay home, it’s no surprise they are looking for ways to entertain themselves. That includes the tried and true method of playing board games.

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in many board games becoming hard to find, or shooting up in price online. Ironically enough, Pandemic is among the board games that are sold out over on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN).

Coronavirus Shortages — Oculus VR Headsets

Coronavirus Shortages: 5 Consumer Products Affected by COVID-19

Source: Barone Firenze/Shutterstock.com

What better way is there to escape the fears of coronavirus than playing video games? Even better is completely immersing yourself in a virtual world with a VR headset. The problem is that customers have to be able to buy one first.

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is warning customers that it’s running low on Oculus VR headsets. That makes sense with the supply chains for the technology being based out of China. That means customers may have trouble finding other VR headsets as well during the outbreak.

There you have it! These are five items that are already in limited supply, or may be soon, due to the problems caused by the coronavirus.

As of this writing, William White did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

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