5 Industries to Invest in with Republic

invest in startups - 5 Industries to Invest in with Republic

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As financial analysts always state, it’s better to start your financial goals as early as possible. But that concept doesn’t just apply to retirement. For instance, many people gamble on initial public offerings. But even in doing that, you’re getting in relatively late in the game. To really get in on the ground floor, you should invest in startups.

Previously, private investing was limited to an exclusive group of individuals. But thanks to changes in the law, equity crowdfunding is now legal. Moreover, this industry has blossomed, with several platforms connecting startups with capital funding. One of these is Republic, a crowdfunding network that specializes in emerging and relevant industries, such as video games and virtual currencies.

Indeed, one of the reasons people choose to invest with Republic is that the team vets compelling businesses for consideration. Just as importantly, most of the companies seeking crowdfunding capital resonate with younger investors. Considering the great social changes that millennials are imparting on the world, this connection is pivotal.

But even if you don’t fall into a particular demographic, there are many reasons to invest with Republic. Mainly, there are multiple offerings that are sure to pique anyone’s interest. From esports to fintech to consumer goods, you’re going to find something interesting. So, without any more delay, here are five industries which should spark your curiosity to invest in startups.


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What makes the novel coronavirus pandemic different from all other crises that we have suffered in modern times is that it has impacted every one of us to varying degrees. One of the most conspicuous changes in the new normal is social distancing. Due to a major health crisis, it’s simply unsafe to interact with others, leaving a big void in how people consume entertainment.

But thanks to Hearo.Live and its social networking app, people can now gather around the living room in front of the TV set via a digital ecosystem. Using your smartphone, you pick what show you want to watch. Then send your “party link” to your friends, family and social media followers. Within seconds, you can now engage with each other while watching your favorite programs, live sporting or esports event.

Particularly with football season starting up, Hearo.Live offers the social interaction that sports facilitate. With physical gatherings largely out of the question, this app fills that emotional and psychological need, making it an intriguing equity crowdfunding opportunity.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider, with the most significant one being incorporation post-Covid. Once the pandemic fades, the need for such an app may decline. To be fair, Hearo.Live brings other elements, such as a VIP box immersion experience that is impossible to duplicate in an “analog” investment.

It’s innovation like this that justifies why people invest in startups. For more information, please visit Hearo.Live’s profile on Republic.

1World Online

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As anybody who has used this little thing called the internet knows, advertisements are pretty terrible. Sure, as a content producer myself, I realize that ads are what keeps this industry going. Without them, no one will get to read, watch or listen to anything for free. Still, most ad producers don’t seem to understand a basic concept: most internet users absolutely hate them.

That’s why 1WorldOnline presents an intriguing and necessary solution for this problem. Let’s face it, not everybody is willing to pay for the content they consume. So, advertisements keep the digital media industry economically sustainable. At the same time, you don’t want to tick off your user base.

Here, 1WorldOnline comes up with a happy middle ground. The advertisements still exist but are displayed in an engaging, though-provoking manner. For instance, if you’re viewing a sports story about an upcoming rivalry between two big teams, a 1WorldOnline-generated ad will ask which team you think will win? Through further engagement, the ads will become progressively more relevant.

That’s the kind of smart thinking that inspires people to invest with Republic. Still, as with anything, you want to be careful. For instance, you can find free pop-up blockers and these developers could potentially wise up to new protocols.

However, most internet users will likely be willing to participate in initiatives that keep their content library going. So, if you want to invest in startups, 1WorldOnline is worth checking out. For more information, please visit its equity crowdfunding profile.


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Prior to the pandemic, many financial analysts noted that younger people are not investing in the markets to the same degree of prior generations. One of the reasons could be fear. As the Washington Post noted, an economic crisis in a person’s teenage years could affect his/her behavior for life. Considering that many millennials were teens during the Great Recession, this may explain the apprehension.

In addition, the offerings in a typical retirement fund don’t provide companies or assets that are relevant to younger professionals. That’s where AltoIRA comes into the picture. As the company name suggests, AltoIRA allows users to invest in alternative assets for their retirement fund. Examples include private equity, venture capital, real estate, securitized art and cryptocurrencies. Of course, hearing that list, there’s a knee-jerk reaction – those aren’t appropriate for retirement!

However, one of the challenges of traditional retirement offerings is that they usually don’t generate big returns. Therefore, you have to wait decades for your money to grow substantively. But with alternative assets, you can possibly narrow this time window for wealth generation. Consequently, this sentiment drives the reason to invest in startups.

While the platform is relevant and compelling, you should be aware of the risks. Mainly, alternative assets have a tendency of being incredibly volatile. Technology or not, there’s a reason why alternative asset IRAs are not household names.

Still, it may be time for a change in our retirement paradigm. For more info on how you can invest with Republic and specifically with AltoIRA, check out its investor pitch.


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As anyone who loves listening to music knows that cables and cords are a pain. That’s why the wireless headphone and ear set market has taken off. With this game-changing consumer electronics technology, people can take their music with them wherever they go without bothering others. And that’s a similar concept to what Audios is running but with a larger-scale platform.

Here, the company specializes in next-generation cables loudspeakers. As anybody in the public events industry knows, setting up audio equipment is a major pain. For one thing, cables are very expensive, with the iterations that feature the durability and length required for public use being particularly pricey. And contrary to common assumption, cables don’t last forever, especially if they’re exposed to the elements and patrons stepping on them.

More importantly, the setup can be awfully confusing. Especially for larger events, just keeping track of which cables go where and to what speakers is a herculean task. Essentially, then, Audios consolidates this mess with wireless tech, a hallmark attribute that defines why so many people invest in startups.

The case for Audios is persuasive. However, the immediate risk is the pandemic. While Audios markets itself as being relevant during this crisis due to its wireless nature, the reality is that most folks could be leery about large social gatherings.

Still, Audios has a longer-term narrative, which may win over fans who invest with Republic. For more details regarding this equity crowdfunding opportunity, check out its pitch deck.


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While ride sharing has blossomed into a massive global phenomenon, for many people that need temporary but extended transportation, the platform isn’t economically viable. Take a couple of rides on Uber (NYSE:UBER) or Lyft (NASDAQ:LYFT) and you can easily rack up a big credit card bill.

Moreover, the pandemic has really hurt the narrative that initially drove the ride-sharing industry to wild success. For example, some analysts have encouraged investors to consider airline stocks, anticipating a recovery. Frankly, I don’t see it. According to the latest information from the Transportation Security Administration, the volume of passengers recently has floated around one-third of the year-ago level.

That’s just not going to cut it. However, with Borrow, the company is killing two birds with one stone. First, as the name suggests, Borrow allows users to lease cars on a short-term basis. This is perfect for students and workers on a temporary assignment. Second, the featured cars are electric vehicles, promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

As with Audios, the coronavirus is still a challenge for Borrow. Yes, on one hand, users can drive around in their own personal vehicles. However, driving has become less important these days, making ride sharing for ad-hoc needs more economical.

However, the longer-term narrative for Audios is what drives the narrative. That’s because millennials tend to be commitment shy, making short-term leases a major selling point. It’s this forward-thinking that has inspired many to invest in startups and Audios is an attractive one. For more details, head on over to its Republic profile.

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