Digital World Acquisition Can Bring Back ‘Hockey Rules’ If Not for Scandals

Unfortunately, a misguided opinion that InvestorPlace promotes contradicting opinions continues to permeate on the internet. Well, we just might be able to stop this erroneous perspective with Digital World Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ:DWAC) stock.

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Two of my favorite contributors in Will Ashworth and Larry Ramer have completely different views on DWAC stock.

Yes, the full spectrum of opinions is represented on the InvestorPlace platform. And that’s because no one individual contributor is like another. Moreover, the company continues to grow – thank you to readers and trolls alike! – so you’ll invariably see more diverse perspectives. However, few will generate such a kaleidoscope of views like DWAC stock.

Digital World is the special purpose acquisition company that’s supposed to take Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) public. Under TMTG is the much-discussed Truth Social, a “safe space” for conservatives to broadcast their viewpoints.

Now, the friendly dustup between Ashworth and Ramer is that the latter believes in DWAC stock, enough so to hold a position. From the high-profile nature of the Truth Social to Republican Rep. Devin Nunes resigning his post to lead TMTG to strongly bullish estimates for the right-leaning social network, Ramer sees myriad reasons to trust DWAC.

On the other end of the aisle, Ashworth is perplexed. While he doesn’t begrudge Ramer in buying DWAC stock, Ashworth insists he won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. He brings up some important counterarguments:

In no particular order, we’ve got the Securities and Exchange Commission. There are Trump’s own personal legal issues. Then there’s CEO-designate Devin Nunes’ lack of experience. Add in the fact the operation requires a ton of operating expenses. The list goes on.

It’s never a boring day at the office with the former president, I’ll tell you that much.

The Fraud Allegations Hurt DWAC Stock

Of course, I’ll tell you more. One of the reasons why so much controversy surrounds former President Donald Trump is that people don’t appreciate that he was reared under what we would term an anachronistic culture. In many parts of the country, elements of this culture remain. It’s the catalyst and the causticity of DWAC stock.

For instance, fighting in most (if not all) sports is banned or heavily penalized. In hockey or at least in the NHL, it’s allowed as part of an unwritten rule of the game. Essentially, it’s a way for players to let off steam before it builds up to serious injuries.

Perhaps, society should one day consider replacing the human resource department with a sanctioned boxing ring, with qualified referees, medical staff and protective gear. That way, all employees (management not being exempted) have an incentive to work together. And if severe conflict is inevitable, we have a controlled and productive mechanism to release the tension before it spirals into irreversible harm.

Well, if that idea sounds bat-stuff crazy, you’re probably on Ashworth’s side. DWAC stock is not right for you. However, my argument is that there are millions upon millions that want “hockey rules” in America. That’s the real opportunity with DWAC.

Unfortunately, we just might not know the true potential of Truth Social. While SPAC-based business combinations theoretically allow retail investors to participate in ground-floor opportunities, blank-check firms cannot have an agreement to merge prior to launching its initial public offering. That’s a huge no-no, which is why the SEC is investigating the controversy over DWAC stock.

Apparently, the above scenario allegedly played out, per the New York Times, which impugns an already troubled investment vehicle.

Worth a Shot with Speculation Funds Only

Perhaps “The Donald” should change his name to “The Teflon Don,” a nicknamed attributed to mafia boss John Gotti following multiple acquittals during the 1980s. No matter what anyone attempts to throw at the former president, he just keeps dipping and diving.

Personally, I thought he and multiple members of the Republican Party would face severe consequences for seemingly inspiring the unauthorized entry of Jan. 6. Instead, Trump may very well be the second president to serve non-consecutive terms due to President Joe Biden’s political vulnerabilities.

So yeah, I do like the fundamental argument of DWAC stock. It’s not just about the potential valuation of TMTG. Rather, I truly, genuinely believe that Trump opponents do not realize how popular hockey rules really are in America. But only bet a tiny amount for now, because the legal situation is very worrying.

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