The “Pay Dirt” Hiding Under This Massive Trend

Imagine you’re a gold miner, you’ve been digging for a while, and one day you finally hit pay dirt.

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You discover a rich vein of gold. Would you just pick up a nugget or two and walk away? If you’re like me, you’d get down there with a shovel and cart and haul away as much as you could get your hands on.

And that’s exactly what we do when we discover a massive moneymaking trend that’s getting red hot.

When that happens, I don’t just recommend a stock or two and call it a day.

I analyze these trends from every conceivable angle.

I ask myself: Who are the main players? The manufacturers? The suppliers? The distributors? Are there elements or precious minerals that will be in demand as a result of this trend? Are there other new technologies that will develop? What small, off-the-radar companies with a competitive advantage will corner a significant portion of this new market?

I look at it all. Once I see one of these trends developing, I don’t stop digging for “gold.”

I mean, why have one or two massive winners when you can have eight or nine?

Case in point: the rise of the internet in the early 2000s. The internet, of course, had an incredible wealth-building impact on society – and internet technology continues to revolutionize whole industries. It is one of the biggest, richest veins of gold to ever come around.

But it paid to be invested when it counted most… at the beginning.

That’s when my systems helped me spot an internet networking firm called Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO), before it soared as high as 16,000%.

And database innovator Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL), before it went up as high as 8,196%.

Not long after, I began writing about a small company radically transforming the internet space. Few people at the time understood its business or recognized its importance.

But I knew this first-mover, by using the disruptive power of the internet to underprice “brick and mortar” stores and sell things online, was going to completely transform global commerce. So, I kept digging.

I recommended Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) at $46… before it shot up as high as $3,400.

Just like with energy stocks and PC stocks, when the internet arrived, I went all in, recommending stocks with incredibly diverse product and service offerings – from e-commerce stores to search engines – all of which benefited from the rise of the internet.

The bottom line is that I found a revolutionary sector that was poised to soar, where massive amounts of money was flowing in. As a result, folks who followed my recommendations had the chance to make incredible gains.

Well, that time has arrived again. One very important sector of the market is about to go through a major technological transformation.

It’ll remake whole industries, completely changing thousands of businesses and our daily lives. In the coming months and years, how we shop, communicate, and travel will never be the same again once the technology from this market sector starts taking hold.

It truly unprecedented. On Tuesday, Jan. 11, at 4 p.m. ET, I’ll unveil this trend and how you need to play it at my Big Bet Summit. It’s just a few days away, so sign up now to reserve your spot for Tuesday’s event.

And check back here Monday. I want to “clear the air” about a sticky issue many folks ponder when setting up their retirement accounts and stock portfolios.


Louis Navellier

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