Where Are the 10 Highest Gas Prices in the U.S.?

  • Gas prices continue to hover at their highest level in more than a decade.
  • President Joe Biden has attempted to pass legislation to artificially lower gas prices, to no avail.
  • California overall has the highest gas prices, with some stations boasting over $8 per gallon.
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With fuel costs and inflation rising to decade highs, drivers everywhere are wondering: Where are the highest gas prices in the U.S.? Despite efforts from the government and central bank, gas prices continue to trend up. Currently, the average cost of regular gas in the U.S. is $4.69 per gallon. But on a local level, the price of fuel varies dramatically place to place, with some reaching unfathomable levels.

Fuel levels have been a near constant concern the past few months following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia is the second-largest producer of natural gas in the world. The sanctions placed against the country in the face of its invasion has put substantial upward pressure on domestic gas prices. Others accuse oil companies of purposely keeping supply low in order to reap record-high profit. This likely added to the inflationary forces already at play within the U.S.

President Joe Biden has responded to the crisis with various efforts to ease gas prices. In March, Biden authorized the release of over 180 million barrels of gas from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. In the same announcement, Biden issued a directive meant to accelerate the transition to clean energy by securing supply chains for necessary battery materials. Unfortunately, neither of the initiatives managed to lower gas prices substantially.

Late last month the U.S. House passed a bill putting a limit on gas prices. Unfortunately, it has almost no chance of passing the Republican-majority Senate. Conservatives have largely berated the bill as “socialist price controls.”

Where Are the Highest Gas Prices in the U.S.?

California has become the capital of high gas prices. In fact, at some stations in the state, one gallon of gas is approaching the federal minimum wage of $7.25. Let’s see which cities you can expect to pay the most to fill up your horseless carriage. For this list, we’re only using one city per state. Otherwise, California would round out most of the top 10, assuming regular gas.

  1. Mono, California: $7.05 per gallon
  2. San Juan, Washington: $5.85 per gallon
  3. Kauai, Hawaii: $5.83 per gallon
  4. Washoe, Nevada: $5.82 per gallon
  5. Yukon Koyukuk, Alaska: $5.76 per gallon
  6. Cook, Illinois: $5.49 per gallon
  7. Curry, Oregon: $5.42 per gallon
  8. New York, New York: $5.41 per gallon
  9. Maricopa, Arizona: $5.28 per gallon
  10. District of Columbia: $4.89 per gallon

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