3 5G Stocks Under $10 to Buy Before They Bottom

  • These three 5G stocks aren’t only cheap, but they look like good buys.
  • Nokia Corporation (NOK) stands to benefit from its size and geopolitical tensions right now.
  • ASE Technology (ASX) A worldwide shortage of chips as well as surging demand for 5G bode well for this company.
  • Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. (WTT) could gain traction from the adoption of 5th generation networks globally.

The 5G revolution continues to show promise. Indeed, for investors looking for long-term, non-cyclical growth trends, 5G technology is one of the best places to be invested. However, finding cheap 5G stocks under $10 is somewhat difficult.

Many of the biggest and most prominent 5G players trade at relatively expensive valuations and per-share prices. Thus, for those on a limited budget, buying the shares of leading 5G players can seem daunting.

Of course, plenty of platforms allow their customers to buy fractions of shares now. In many respects, share prices don’t matter.

But for those seeking value (and the ability to buy 100 or 1,000 shares of a stock), there are plenty of 5G companies from which to choose.

Here are three top picks among the cheap 5G stocks that I think are worth a look right now.

NOK Nokia $4.59
ASX ASE Technology $5.56
WTT Wireless Technology Group $1.49

Nokia (NOK)

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Perhaps the biggest, most well-known 5G company in the world, Nokia (NYSE:NOK)  stock actually has quite the following.  Because of the meme stock mania of the past and enthusiasm about companies tied to the growth of 5G, there are multiple reasons why many retail investors have bought a high number of shares of  NOK stock in the past.

Perhaps another key reasons for Nokia’s rise to prominence among retail investors is its low share price. A low price per share, along with a high number of shares sold short, are key components of short squeezes. Since NOK has both of these characteristics, many investors are likely to remain interested in the stock over the long term, especially if it undergoes more short squeezes.

And from a fundamental perspective, Nokia actually brings a lot to the table. A technology, software services and network infrastructure company, NOK has secured more than 160 commercial 5G orders. Among Western countries, Nokia is one of the most trusted companies in the 5G infrastructure space.

Thus, for those concerned about geopolitical issues in this space, Nokia is a safe space to hide out. With a reasonable valuation (NOK stock has ca price-earnings ratio of around 16 times) and a small dividend yield, Nokia is an excellent choice for long-term investors looking to bet on this space.

ASE Technology (ASX)

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A Taiwan-based holding company focused on semiconductor manufacturing, testing and packaging, ASE Technology (NYSE:ASX) is an excellent, cheap 5G stock under $10. Like many Taiwan-based companies, ASE has some of the best tech in this space. And in order for 5G to  proliferate as much as everyone expects, semiconductors must be widely utilized.

Of course, semiconductor shortages and the high demand for chips have enabled this stock to rally significantly over time. And while ASX stock is down considerably from last year’s peak, this  company, which has a market capitalization of $11 billion, isn’t a small player in the chip space.

If a recession occurs, the fundamentals of the company could deteriorate.  However, over the longer term, it’s clear that there will be strong demand for chips from 5G companies. Thus, long-term investors who are looking for growth stocks may want to buy ASX on weakness.

ASX is on my watch list right now.

Wireless Telecom Group (WTT)

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A lesser-known company on this list is Wireless Telecom Group (NYSEARCA:WTT). WTT focuses on the manufacturing and design of microwave and radiofrequency devices used in wireless communication networks.

Like other 5G tech companies, Wireless Telecom has grown significantly over time. However, as is the case for other stocks on this list, WTT is also down considerably from last year’s impressive spike.

Some of its decline was likely due to macro forces. However, Wireless Telecom appears to be less desirable than other names in the space due to its focus on radio access technology. Although the sales of 5G-related radio networks continue to grow, investors may not be entirely bullish about WTT ‘s niche area of the market.

But as a more speculative long-term bet, I think WTT could make the cut. It’s on my watch list right now. I’ll be keeping an eye on how Wireless Telecom competes technologically for its share of the 5G pie.

While this company may be a wait-and-see story right now, it’s also entirely possible the stock could take off during the next bull market.

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