The 7 Most Promising Momentum Stocks to Own Now


  • Cabaletta Bio (CABA): With a robust pipeline of programs and positive share price growth, Cabaletta is an exciting momentum stock to consider for your portfolio.
  • MoonLake Immunotherapeutics (MLTX): This biotech firm could reshape the treatment landscape for a condition lacking effective therapies, making it an enticing prospect for investors.
  • FingerMotion (FNGR): The company’s position in the mobile payment sector and significant revenue expansion underline its solid groundwork.
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momentum stock picks - The 7 Most Promising Momentum Stocks to Own Now

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Today’s volatile market makes momentum investing a compelling strategy for those comfortable with daily turbulence. Unlike value investing, which is rooted in purchasing undervalued assets, momentum investing hinges on the principle that assets that have performed well recently will continue to do so in the near future. Bottom line, momentum investing is all about capitalizing on stock market ‘hot streaks.’ Here you’ll find 7 promising momentum stock picks.

Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, renewable energy, and a slew of other sectors mark today’s market. That means the market is fertile ground for momentum investors. These industries are breaking ground in their respective fields and leading the charge in the stock market, presenting myriad opportunities for keen-eyed investors.

But it’s not enough to just identify a booming sector; the challenge lies in pinpointing those stocks within these sectors that exhibit the most robust momentum. That’s what we’re looking at today. These seven momentum stock picks are on a roll, outperforming their peers and beating the broader market. 

Cabaletta Bio (CABA)

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Cabaletta Bio (NASDAQ:CABA) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company centering its efforts on developing innovative treatments for patients with autoimmune disorders. The company is on a winning streak, gaining 50% since January and 60% in the past six months.

The cornerstone of Cabaletta’s appeal lies in its robust pipeline. These programs are designed to address a spectrum of autoimmune diseases, positioning the company at the forefront of medical advancement in this critical field. This strategic focus on unmet medical needs offers substantial growth potential, attracting investors eager to capitalize today on tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

The company exceeded earnings and revenue expectations in Q2, which is rare for a biotech firm – and even rarer in today’s constrained economy. As Cabaletta Bio progresses through its clinical stages, its developmental milestones could pave the way for regulatory approvals and eventual marketability.  

Cabaletta Bio’s steadfast dedication to revolutionizing autoimmune disease treatments and its positive stock performance underscores its potential as an investment opportunity. Biotech is a fickle industry, but Cabaletta’s pipeline points to a good possibility of positive clinical outcomes.

Moonlake Immunotherapeutics (MLTX)

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MoonLake Immunotherapeutics (NASDAQ:MLTX) has recently captured the spotlight with its encouraging mid-stage findings for treating the skin condition hidradenitis suppurativa. This stock’s on a stunning run this year, returning 400% since January.

MoonLake’s mid-stage results mark a significant milestone in the firm’s journey, as this ‘meet or beat’ clinical trial is a massive stumbling block for early-stage biotechs. Success at this stage validates the company’s strategy and vision, while underscoring its promising trajectory in the field.

The company also beat earnings and revenue expectations in the second quarter. Investors will likely be enticed by MoonLake’s potential to revolutionize treatment for previously untreatable skin conditions but stay for the company’s financial stability. ‘Big Money’ agrees, as MoonLake’s $250 million offering was eagerly taken by institutional investors despite the dilutive effects of new stock. 

MoonLake Immunotherapeutics’ recent accomplishments in clinical advancements and financial performance highlight its position as a frontrunner in the biotech sphere. As the company advances toward later-stage trials and potential regulatory milestones, investors will observe how these successes translate into tangible benefits for patients, the medical community, and the company’s growth.

Reata Pharmaceuticals (RETA)

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Next on the list of momentum stock picks is Reata Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:RETA). It’s on a 360% run since January after the FDA approved the company’s drug Skyclarys. Known by its clinical name, omaveloxolone, the therapeutic treats Friedreich’s ataxia, which primarily affects children. On the heels of the win, Biogen (NASDAQ:BIIB) announced a planned acquisition at $172.50 per share. That valuation represents upside potential even after the stock’s record run, as Reata is priced right around $168 today. 

Reata Pharmaceuticals is prominent in the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical sector, specializing in identifying, developing, and commercializing groundbreaking therapeutics targeted at severe or life-threatening diseases. The organization is directing its efforts towards advancing Phase 3 clinical trials spanning various programs. The FDA’s approval of the new drug application for Skyclarys underscores Reata’s commitment to innovation and its capability to address unmet medical needs.

Bottom line, Reata represents substantial long-term potential, with Biogen’s buyout reinforcing the company’s viability. Even if investors missed the short-term run, gains remain on the table pre-merger, and the long-term outlook remains bright.

FingerMotion (FNGR)

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Tech firm FingerMotion (NASDAQ:FNGR) carved out a niche in the Chinese market by excelling in mobile payment and processing platform solutions. This translates to massive growth within an emerging market as the company reports a substantial 151% revenue increase year-over-year (YOY).

Likewise, the company’s year-to-date (YTD) stock performance is riding momentum, with shares up 80% since January and 250% in the past six months. FingerMotion’s impressive record revenues demonstrate its adeptness at leveraging the growing demand for mobile payment solutions in China as its economy digitizes further. 

As with many momentum stock picks, of course, there’s some downside risk. FingerMotion’s unique position means it faces political risk on the heels of China’s crackdown on foreign tech firms. While much of the fallout seems to be over, it’s important to note that FingerMotion’s primarily China-based operations expose it to the unpredictable political will of the Chinese Communist Party.

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI)

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Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMCI), usually shortened to Supermicro, stands at the forefront of the AI infrastructure solutions sector. Benefiting from the expansive AI market, the company is experiencing impressive growth. The company is one of many surging on demand ignited by the AI revolution but remains overlooked despite its momentum.

Supermicro’s projected revenues for 2024 range between $9.5 billion to $10.5 billion, a 33%+ annual growth forecast – notable in today’s tight economy. Reinforcing management’s forward-looking thesis, Supermicro surpassed earnings expectations in its most recent quarterly filing. Net sales nearly doubled to $2.18 billion. At the same time, income more than doubled to $194 million from $86 million in the previous quarter.

Likewise, the company’s stock momentum speaks volumes. The stock’s 200% yearly increase reinforces investors’ confidence in its potential and future prospects. AI continues to reshape industries and create new possibilities. Supermicro’s expertise in AI infrastructure solutions positions it favorably to capitalize on the ongoing technological revolution, sustaining its market momentum.

Opera Ltd. (OPRA)

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Opera Ltd. (NASDAQ:OPRA), a web app development company, recently encountered a deceleration period in its operations. However, the company’s prospects are illuminated by the unveiling of its innovative AI-powered browser, which has the potential to attract a broader user base and restore growth. Amidst the surge in investor interest in AI-related stocks, Opera saw a 150% increase in its stock value YTD. 

Primarily reliant on advertising and search segments for revenue, Opera embraced AI in February. Opera announced a new collaboration with OpenAI, the pioneering force behind ChatGPT and its many imitators. This collaboration moves to integrate AI-generated content services within its web browser’s sidebar. The outcome of this partnership materialized as Opera One, a cutting-edge browser iteration that could redefine user experiences.

Of course, recent slowdowns pose challenges. Still, Opera’s strategic shift towards AI-driven innovation and its ability to exceed expectations signal a potential resurgence. As the company continues to leverage AI and adapt to evolving market dynamics, its stock performance underscores the positive sentiment surrounding its future growth potential. OPRA has definitely earned its spot on the list of momentum stock picks to consider.

Limbach Holdings (LMB)

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Limbach Holdings (NASDAQ:LMB), a fully integrated building systems solutions company, is riding high on momentum, with its stock value surging by 220% since January.

Limbach’s revenue growth in its Owner Direct Relationships (ODR) segment and notable improvements in gross margin across segments are a testament to its strategic initiatives. The company capitalized on strong demand for its services in the ODR segment across a diverse range of target end markets. This demand persists due to ongoing supply chain constraints in the industry.

Amidst the challenging supply chain environment for new equipment, Limbach is taking advantage of increased demand for ‘time and materials’ work to maintain aging equipment and generate massive cash flow. An impressive 18.1% YOY revenue growth underscores Limbach’s ability to capture market demand effectively while adapting to changing conditions. 

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