3 Undervalued Stocks to Own if You Dream of Retiring Early


  • These stocks offer opportunities for early retirement through their solid fundamentals and growth potential.
  • M-Tron Industries (MPTI): Increased operating income due to operational efficiency and cost management.
  • Canadian Solar (CSIQ): Expands into battery energy storage, attracting substantial investment from BlackRock (BLK).
  • Ituran Location & Control (ITRN): Demonstrates strong subscriber growth and transparent financial guidance.
Stocks for Early Retirement - 3 Undervalued Stocks to Own if You Dream of Retiring Early

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Navigating the complicated stock market landscape might be intimidating for people who want to retire early. But even amid all the upheaval and uncertainty, certain possibilities are possible sources of wealth generation. Here, three such prospects are highlighted and explored as good bets for early retirement.

The first one stands out for having a significant rise in operating income. This is attributable to a combination of clever cost control and operational efficiency. This indicates the company has sound financial standing and the capacity to overcome obstacles and increase profits.

The second one ventures into the field of battery energy storage and makes an interesting proposal. With an expanding pipeline and a sizable investment, the business is dedicated to diversifying and taking advantage of new market opportunities.

Lastly, the third opportunity captivates with its robust subscriber growth and transparent financial forecasts. The company’s promising trajectory and impressive client acquisition and retention rates pique investor interest.

Uncover how these equities offer unique avenues for early retirement planning.

M-Tron Industries (MPTI)

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Operating income for M-Tron Industries (NYSE:MPTI) grew to $4.3 million in 2023 from $2.9 million the year before. M-Tron has succeeded in increasing operational efficiency and optimizing profitability, as seen in this rise in operating income, which resulted from greater sales and margin benefits from changes in the product mix.

Additionally, M-Tron’s engineering, selling and administrative costs as a proportion of sales have decreased from 26.6% to 25.4% in 2023, except for one-time charges related to stock-based compensation. The evidence of improved expenditure ratios indicates that M-Tron has increased overall profitability by efficiently managing its operational expenses in relation to revenue.

In addition, M-Tron’s additional direct expenditures for going public as a business totaled $842,000 for 2023. Although these expenses are new for M-Tron, management’s openness in sharing them shows a dedication to financial responsibility and openness. To summarize, M-Tron’s potential for expansion is bolstered by its operational efficiency and cost control.

Lastly, the book-to-bill ratio for the M-Tron for 2023 was 1.04, indicating that future revenue growth is expected to be positive.

Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

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As of January 2024, Canadian Solar‘s (NASDAQ:CSIQ) e-Storage business has grown its pipeline to 63 gigawatt hours (GWh). It is along with a committed backlog of $2.6 billion. Recurrent Energy has a 55 GWh battery energy storage development pipeline and a worldwide solar development pipeline of 27 gigawatt peak (GWp).

These patterns undoubtedly show Canadian Solar’s attempts to broaden its commercial activities and enter developing markets. The worldwide shift to renewable energy and attempts to modernize the grid drive increased demand for battery energy storage solutions, reflecting the e-Storage segment’s developing pipeline. Similar to Canadian Solar, Recurrent Energy’s large solar development pipeline reveals Canadian Solar’s approaches to market penetration and regional diversity. 

Additionally, Canadian Solar obtained a $500 million investment from BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) in Recurrent Energy. This amounts to 20% of the company’s outstanding fully diluted shares. With BlackRock’s sizable investment, Canadian Solar may support its expansion and strategic moves. 

Finally, Canadian Solar’s relationship with BlackRock strengthens its reputation and gives it more access to resources. Hence, this helps the company shift from being a pure developer to a developer plus long-term owner and operator in select markets.  

Ituran Location & Control (ITRN)

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Ituran Location & Control (NASDAQ:ITRN) has a solid direction and an emphasis on rapid growth prospects. The company may deliver high valuations in the long run thanks to its clear outlook. For instance, the company aims to reach $100 million in 2025 and has projected EBITDA of $90-95 million for 2024. This shows its strategic vision and dedication to ongoing expansion. 

One of Ituran’s primary strengths propelling its top-line growth and market expansion is its subscriber base. Between 35,000 and 40,000 net new subscribers are anticipated to be added every quarter, which might lead to increased revenue, improved market share, and the realization of economies of scale.

In 2023, the firm attracted 186,000 members, proving it could draw in and keep clients. The substantial increase in subscribers attests to the efficacy of Ituran’s customer support, product offers and marketing techniques. Ituran attracted 42,000 net customers in Q4 2023 alone, exceeding projections and demonstrating a high service demand. 

In summary, this growth rate demonstrates the company’s capacity to speed up client acquisition, which is higher than the long-term historical pace seen in 2021 and prior years.

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