Rocketing Returns: 3 Tech Stocks Set to Blast Off by 2026


  • All three companies demonstrate strategic maneuvers and technological innovations, positioning themselves for significant growth.
  • Teradata (TDC): Showcases robust profitability and free cash flow, emphasizing a transition to a cloud-first strategy.
  • Inseego (INSG): Strategically shifts towards higher-margin offerings and sustaining gross margin stability despite challenges.
  • Bitdeer (BTDR): Ventures into ASIC production, unveils the SEAL01 Bitcoin mining chip, and undertakes substantial infrastructure expansions.
Tech Stocks Set to Soar - Rocketing Returns: 3 Tech Stocks Set to Blast Off by 2026

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In the rapidly evolving field of technology investments, astute investors are always searching for bright prospects with the potential to generate significant profits. These days, three exceptional businesses that have strong growth and profitability potential have drawn the interest of investors and market experts. Here are three tech stocks set to soar for various reasons.

Interestingly, one stands to gain greatly from the first company’s strategy change to a cloud-first approach. With investments in cloud-based technology, strong profitability, and free cash flow, the business may benefit from the rising demand for cloud solutions.

Similar to the first, the second one shows investors a bright future, emphasizing higher-margin products and proactive capital structure optimization. The company has proven resilient despite adversities like the expected drop in income from legacy products by keeping its gross margin stable. Moreover, it is also continually looking for methods to improve its financial situation.

In the meantime, those interested in the bitcoin mining industry may find the third company’s foray into the fabrication of application-specific integrated circuits and significant infrastructure expansions to be attractive prospects. Read more to learn the fundamentals behind these picks.

Tech Stocks Set to Soar: Teradata (TDC)

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With an operating margin of 19.5% and $168 million in free cash flow during the fourth quarter of 2023, Teradata (NYSE:TDC) demonstrated impressive profitability and free cash flow. Profitability and free cash flow creation reflect Teradata’s strong financial position, which demonstrate the business’s capacity to turn revenue into earnings and cash. This is necessary for maintaining growth, funding innovation, and providing value.

Furthermore, Teradata highlights the shift to a cloud-first approach. This demonstrates through the increase in its cloud ARR and the investments in cloud-based technologies such as AI Unlimited and VantageCloud. Teradata’s strategy, which focuses on innovation and cloud transition, aligns with consumer needs and market developments. Similarly, there is an offering of state-of-the-art cloud solutions and significant investments in AI and ML capabilities. With that, Teradata positions itself as a frontrunner in accelerating digital transformation and helping clients successfully leverage data.

To sum up, the market recognizes Teradata for its technological breakthroughs and client satisfaction. It claims a high cloud net expansion rate of 124%. Overall, the high net expansion rate shows strong customer happiness, retention, and upselling prospects within Teradata’s client base.

Inseego (INSG)

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Inseego (NASDAQ:INSG) has carefully curated its product mix to increase profitability. The company’s priorities have changed to include higher-margin goods like fixed wireless access (FWA). Thus, the increase in the product gross margin percentage over the last two years indicates this strategy move.

Moreover, the change in the beneficial product mix has led to a vital improvement in the gross margin percentage, as sales in Q4 2023 attributed a bigger share to higher-profit FWA offers. The non-GAAP gross margin percentage in Q4 2023 was 39.7%, a significant rise of almost 6.5% over the previous quarter.

Indeed, notwithstanding obstacles like the expected decline in income from legacy 4G-based products, Inseego has been able to sustain stable gross margins. Despite the difficulties, the company’s gross margin percentage was steady at 39.7% in Q4 2023, indicating the success of its initiatives to increase margin.

Lastly, Inseego continuously optimizes its financial structure to support its expansion goals. Bondholders and the firm are now negotiating to create the best possible financial structure. Overall, Inseego has also strengthened its financial position proactively by modifying its Asset-Based Lending (ABL) facility to increase liquidity and borrowing capacity.

Bitdeer (BTDR)

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With the creation of the 4nm SEAL01 Bitcoin mining chip, Bitdeer (NASDAQ:BTDR) announced its debut in the ASIC manufacturing market. This is indicative of the company’s strategic efforts related to infrastructure growth. As of 2023, Bitdeer’s total hash rate under supervision was 21 exahashes per second (EH/s), indicating its significant operating capability.

Additionally, the 8.4 EH/s proprietary hash rate, which includes self-mining and cloud hashing, shows the company’s substantial investment in proprietary mining activities. The hosting hash rate of 12.6 EH/s demonstrated Bitdeer’s capacity to service hosting clients efficiently.

Moreover, 3,694 bitcoins were mined by Bitdeer’s self-mining company in 2023, a significant rise of 74.8% from 2,113 bitcoins in 2022. This rise was driven by an increase in the hash rate allotted to the company’s self-mining business, which signifies operational scalability and efficiency.

Finally, as of 2023, Bitdeer was in charge of some 215K ASIC mining equipment, demonstrating the scope of the company’s operations and managerial prowess. To sum up, Bitdeer’s ongoing investment in growing its mining infrastructure is reflected in the rise of self-owned mining equipment to about 86,000 and hosted mining machines to about 129K.

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