The Next Millionaire-Makers: 3 Penny Stocks With Massive Upside Potential


  • Zomedica (NYSE: ZOM): Top-line growth through strategic acquisitions, including Structured Monitoring Products and Qorvo Biotechnologies. 
  • Blade Air (NASDAQ: BLDE): Focuses on profitability enhancement through flight profit margin expansion and adjusted EBITDA improvement. 
  • Sundial (NASDAQ: SNDL): With solid strategic investments, SNDL demonstrates business stability and growth across the liquor and cannabis retail segments. 
  • Each company’s financial solidity and strategic moves drive them for rapid valuation growth and market leadership.

In investing, the allure of penny stocks attracts seasoned investors and newcomers alike. Small-cap stocks often trade on mere cents, but they can potentially yield massive returns. They are serving as the groundwork for the next generation of millionaire-makers. Within this space, three standout entities emerge as captivating protagonists.

The first one orchestrates strategic acquisitions to boost its reach in the companion animal healthcare market. The second booms towards profitability through fleet expansions. Finally, the third channels its leads with finesse in liquor and cannabis retail. Overall, their fundamentals hold possible moments of triumph and strategic maneuvering. They offer potential fortunes to brave enough ones.

In short, they are sagas of calculated risks and marked strategic progression. Each company holds the power to shape market valuations. Delve into the fundamentals, like the first one’s strategic acquisitions, the second one’s quest for profitability with fleet expansion, and the performance of the third one’s diversified top-line.

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Top Penny Stocks: Zomedica (ZOM)

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Zomedica’s (NYSE:ZOM) strategic acquisitions and synergies lead to top-line growth. In the same direction, the company is expanding its portfolio and enhancing its competitive edge in the companion animal healthcare market.

For instance, Zomedica completed strategic acquisitions, including Structured Monitoring Products (SMP) and Qorvo Biotechnologies. This leads to revenue growth and margin improvement. Thus, the acquisition of SMP led to record revenue for VetGuardian products in September 2023. This indicates progressive integration and commercialization efforts.

Fundamentally, these acquisitions boosted Zomedica’s product offerings, expanded its market reach, and uplifted its technological capabilities. These factors push the company toward accelerated growth and competitive advantage. The progressive integration of acquired companies and products suggests Zomedica’s strategic execution and capability to leverage synergies to derive market differentiation.

Financially, the acquisitions resulted in $21.5 million in cash usage (investments and one-time items) in Q3 2023. This reflects Zomedica’s focus on strategic expansion and market leadership. The company holds solid liquidity that may continue to provide resources for future acquisitions and growth moves. 

Towards the bottom line, Zomedica’s gross margin was 69% in Q3 2023, improved year-over-year (YoY) (667% in Q2 2023). This resulted in a modest 2% YoY increase in operating expenses, while gross profit increased by 26% YoY. Despite increased operating expenses, the company delivered sharp cost management.

Moreover, the stable gross margin indicates Zomedica’s capability to maintain pricing discipline and control manufacturing costs. Despite incremental operating expenses, the margin improvement reflects operational efficiency gains and strategic investments in revenue-generating activities.

Overall, the company’s capability for sharp acquisitions and cost management supports scaling its operations and market valuation.

Blade Air (BLDE)

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Blade Air (NASDAQ:BLDE) has strongly focused on improving profitability. This can be observed in flight profit margin expansion and adjusted EBITDA improvement. The company’s performance highlights its efforts to boost its operational edge and drive toward the bottom line.

Additionally, Blade has progressively expanded its flight profit margins, particularly in its medical and passenger segments. The margins improved due to increased utilization of dedicated aircraft, pricing, and cost reduction moves.

Furthermore, flight profit margins improved in both the medical and passenger segments. At its core, Blade’s focus on maximizing flight profit per trip with simultaneous cost reductions has been instrumental in boosting segment profitability. Similarly, Blade Air’s strategic moves, like transitioning medical flights to dedicated aircraft, have improved profitability.

In numbers, Blade Air has made significant strides in improving adjusted EBITDA despite increased net losses. There is a $10.8 million improvement in adjusted EBITDA for 2023, reaching at negative $16.6 million. Looking forward, Blade has clear guidance for attaining profitability. The expectations hold a positive adjusted EBITDA in 2024 and a double-digit adjusted EBITDA in 2025. 

On the other hand, Blade Air has pursued strategic acquisitions and fleet expansion to solidify its rapid growth in the urban air mobility market. Here, Blade Air has a pending acquisition of eight Hawker 800 aircraft exclusively used for its medical business. This signals Blade Air’s strategic approach to fleet expansion. Hence, the benefits of these acquisitions include lower costs for customers and higher margins for Blade Air. 

Overall, by purchasing aircraft already in use and maintaining existing operations and crews, Blade targets to capture incremental fixed cost leverage.

Sundial (SNDL)

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Sundial’s (NASDAQ:SNDL) segment performance, diversification, and strategic investments support its valuation. For instance, liquor retail segment net revenue remained stable YoY at $151.8 million in Q3 2023. Cannabis retail segment net revenue increased by 14.1% YoY in Q3 2023. However, the Cannabis Operations segment’s net revenue surged 77.4% YoY to $21.0 million. 

For liquidity, cash increased to $202.0 million in Q3 from $185.5 million in Q2. Credit investments in cannabis-related ventures totaled $583.2 million, including $550.5 million through the SunStream joint venture. Thus, SNDL’s solid cash reserves and strategic investments provide stability and growth capital for strategic expansion.

Furthermore, investments in cannabis-related ventures align with SNDL’s vertical integration strategy, offering the potential for considerable returns and portfolio diversification. Similarly, strong liquidity and strategic investments enable SNDL to pursue growth leads, including acquisitions, partnerships, and market expansion.

Overall, SNDL’s solidity and strategic investments support its rapid valuation growth in the cannabis and liquor retail sectors. 

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