Wall Street Favorites: 3 Airline Stocks With Strong Buy Ratings for April 2024


  • The airline industry has seen its ups and down, but a few companies remain significant enough to weather the storm regardless.
  • Airbus (EADSY): The European champion is gaining ground on competitors as its offerings outcompete its number one rivals.
  • Delta Airlines (DAL): Strategic routing and a focus on revenue generation has kept Delta relevant through the decades.
  • Embraer (ERJ): An emerging giant in the industry, Embraer has the potential to take investors to new heights.
Airline stocks - Wall Street Favorites: 3 Airline Stocks With Strong Buy Ratings for April 2024

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As the airline industry returns to form, announcing overall profitability for 2023, the investment potential of airline stocks is rising. Though the pandemic-era economic pressures and restrictions cratered the financials of many companies, the industry as a whole proved remarkably resilient.

Also, for large countries without developed rail networks, aviation remains a critical component of domestic economic activity and overall interconnectedness.

Due to this, the industry has received significant subsidies and bailouts over the years, which has helped support investor interests.

Moreover, the current trajectory of the U.S. and global economies signals a cooldown of both consumer and business spending. While this could impact the general market, some aviation companies may withstand the trend, thanks to critical products and services.

For investors interested in the long-term growth and security provided by legacy airline companies and plane manufacturers, these three airline stocks could prove especially stable.

Airbus (EADSY)

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A conglomerate of European aviation expertise, Airbus (OTCMKTS:EADSY) has earned a reputation for stability in a delicate industry. Though the company’s A320 line of aircraft surpassed the Boeing (NYSE:BA) 737 family in sales in 2019, Airbus keeps innovating. With an annual spend of around 2.7 billion euros per year in airliner research and development, Airbus keeps climbing toward first place.

Aside from being the second largest civil aircraft manufacturer in the world, Airbus also develops critical technology for NATO’s defense. As the manufacturer of the Eurofighter Typhoon and several space systems, the company commands the European defense industry.

Moreover, the company has consistently increased revenues year-over-year while expanding its aircraft deliveries. The company’s forecasted 800 deliveries for 2024 will also help with its financials. Ultimately, Airbus is a cornerstone of the airline industry, making it a stable long-term position.

Delta Airlines (DAL)

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America’s largest airline, Delta (NYSE:DAL), has proven a logistical master with the positioning of its routes and services. Regardless of rising operating costs due to inflation and pilot unions, Delta has remained among the most profitable airlines in the U.S. But what makes Delta’s business model more profitable than other major airlines?

The answer: Delta focuses on operating the highest revenue-generating routes for American passengers. By centralizing 20% of its flights through its Atlanta hub, Delta manages a network of connections for passengers traveling internationally.

Furthermore, the airline maintains strict reliability and timeliness standards for these connecting routes through its international hub. The combination of these two factors has earned Delta a reputation as a premium provider of air travel in North America.

From a financial standpoint, Delta generated a record full-year revenue of $5 billion in pre-tax income last year. This near doubling of 2022’s number represents a company focused on healthy and sustainable growth.

Embraer (ERJ)

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Surviving an acquisition attempt from Boeing proved to be a long-term boon for Embraer (NYSE:ERJ), as the company flourishes in aircraft orders. Had the aforementioned sale gone through, the manufacturing trajectory of Embraer’s narrowbody airliners would likely be far less attractive today. But independence for the world’s third-largest civil air manufacturer is only one part of the success story.

For Embraer, the heart of its business model has been quality design and affordability. With its manufacturing and headquarters in Brazil, the company leverages Brazilian economic and living standards to offer a competitive aircraft. From a quality perspective, Embraer aircraft are renowned for low maintenance cost and ease of repair, perfect for regional airlines.

This reputation has earned ERJ a consensus buy rating among analysts, but its expanding orders and deliveries make it even more exciting. Investors should strongly consider this narrowbody aircraft specialist, as it currently represents one of the best values in airline stocks.

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