3 Flying Car Stocks to Buy for a First-Class Ticket to Wealthy Town


  • These flying car stocks to buy offer high growth potential and attractive valuations for investors.
  • Joby Aviation (JOBY): Progressing towards commercial launch of electric air taxis by 2025 with strong financial health.
  • Airbus (EADSY): Developing the CityAirbus project for urban transportation with solid financial performance.
  • Eve Holdings (EVEX): Focuses on eVTOL operations in Europe and East Asia with a diversified backlog of aircraft.
flying car stocks to buy - 3 Flying Car Stocks to Buy for a First-Class Ticket to Wealthy Town

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Some of the top flying car stocks to buy today could lead to substantial gains for investors. These companies are known for their high growth potential and relatively low valuations for what investors get for their money. Although these companies are in the very early stages of development and are risky, taking such a risk may be worth it for those who can stomach the ups and downs.

The flying car stocks discussed in this article are some of the best options today for people who want solid additions to their growth portfolios. Having some exposure (through fractional shares at the minimum) could be a prudent decision.

Moreover, the flying car industry is poised to revolutionize transportation with technological advancements and increasing consumer and investor interest. As governments and companies invest more in infrastructure and regulatory frameworks, the potential for flying cars to become mainstream is growing, making these stocks even more attractive.

So here are three flying car stocks for investors to buy for February.

Joby Aviation (JOBY)

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Joby Aviation (NYSE:JOBY) is progressing towards the commercial launch of its electric air taxis by 2025. The company recently demonstrated its capabilities to integrate air taxi operations with existing air traffic control tools.

In the first quarter of 2024, Joby reported that their second production prototype aircraft had rolled off their Pilot Production Line. The company is also expanding its manufacturing facilities in Marina, California, and has acquired a new facility in Dayton, Ohio.

Financially, Joby maintains a strong balance sheet with $924 million in cash and short-term investments as of Q1 2024. Partnerships and agreements further support the company’s financial health.

The flying car industry is speculative, but JOBY could be one of the companies with a solid shot at becoming an established business and an excellent stock for investors to own. 

JOBY’s revenues are expected to go parabolic sometime in FY2025. Analysts anticipate an increase of 1,601.74%, rising to 53.81 million.

Airbus (EADSY)

Airbus (OTCMKTS:EADSY) is actively developing the CityAirbus project, aiming to introduce a fleet of electric flying taxis for urban transportation. It features a lift-and-cruise configuration, an operational range of 80 kilometers, and a cruise speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The aircraft operates with sound levels below 65 decibels during flyover and below 70 decibels during landing, addressing noise concerns.

EADSY, being only one of the two major aircraft manufacturers in the world, has an entrenched advantage in this field, and I think that owning EADSY could be a wise choice for investors who are not as comfortable with more speculative names such as JOBY and other less-established players.

Meanwhile, the company has reported solid financial performance and ambitious plans for 2024. In Q1 2024, Airbus recorded a 9% year-over-year increase in consolidated revenues, reaching €12.8 billion, driven by the delivery of 142 commercial aircraft, including A220s, A320s, A330s, and A350s. The company aims to deliver around 800 commercial aircraft in 2024, targeting an EBIT adjusted between €6.5 billion and €7.0 billion.

Eve Holdings (EVEX)

An image of an eVTOL on a cement pad

Eve Holdings (NYSE:EVEX) focuses on developing eVTOL operations primarily in Europe and East Asia. The company recently signed a letter of intent with a South Korean Urban Air Mobility provider.

The company has initiated the certification process with Brazil’s aviation authority (ANAC) and aims for dual certification with the FAA in the U.S. by 2026. Eve has a diversified backlog of 2,850 aircraft across 13 countries.

Eve’s Q1 2024 financial results showed a net loss of $39.3 million, primarily driven by increased R&D expenses necessary for developing their suite of products and solutions for Urban Air Mobility (UAM), including their eVTOL aircraft. 

Despite these expenses, Eve reported an EPS of -$0.09, beating the analyst estimate of -$0.13. The company maintained a strong liquidity position with over $300 million, expected to fund its R&D and operational needs through 2025.

EVEX seems like a good pick for people who believe the flying car market will mirror the EV space in Asia, with local companies dominating U.S.-led manufacturers.

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