FIRE Movement (Financial Independence Retire Early)

The Financial Independence, Retire Early movement advocates living frugally and maximizing savings so you can stop working full-time in your 40s, or even earlier. Part of that is about having the discipline to choose to save more today, rather than putting it off for the future. And part of it is finding ways to take the money you do have and put it to work generating dividends and returns.

Sparking A FIRE Retirement Portfolio From Scratch

It's not too late to build a comfortable retirement; use the market's uncertainty to build positions and FIRE investors can build wealth quickly.

What is FIRE? The Beginner’s Guide to Early Retirement

FIRE seekers around the globe are bucking the trend and leaving the workforce decades before their coworkers. You could be one of them.

You Could Retire in Your 40s By Following the FIRE Movement

Given the economic shocks of the pandemic, retiring in your 40s seems like a joke for young investors. Nevertheless, out-of-the-box thinking and the FIRE principle can lead you to a satisfying retirement.

Buying on the Dip is a Critical Piece of the FIRE Puzzle

If you adhere to the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) philosophy, buying on the dip can help you meet your goals for retirement.