Big Tech Is Dead! ☠

In this week’s episode, Aaron and I return to the “scandalous” claim I made a few months back — perhaps the biggest of my career. That’s saying a lot, because I make bold claims all the time. But among my biggest, boldest, wildest of all time is that Big Tech is dead.

At the time, folks thought I was a bit nuts. But this year, we’re seeing this come to fruition.

Over the past few weeks, there have been some massive declines across Big Tech stocks. One of the biggest was a 71% drop in Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) stock.

Many think my rationale for believing Big Tech is dead hinges on government regulation or consumers boycotting platforms over censorship.

But my rationale for claiming Big Tech is dead is neither of those. Rather, it’s much more fundamental in nature.

It’s dead because of competition.

We’re 10-plus years into these exponential growth industries, and formidable competitors are catching up.

The playing fields in the industries that Big Tech have dominated are evening out. As they are, these titans are losing their edge.

Bottom line: There’s a changing of the guard taking place, and it’s time to jump into small-cap tech stocks. Click here to watch and listen now!

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