SoFi Is the Perfect Dip-Buy to Play the Market Crash

We kick off this episode by tackling a topic that’s been trending lately — the “Everything Bubble.” So… what does that even mean?

Well, it requires a look back to 2008. When the financial world was on the verge of ruin, the U.S. Federal Reserve pumped enormous amounts of stimulus into the economy. Those policies were meant to be a temporary medicine for the great financial crisis, but they stuck around as the economy struggled to get its groove back. And in 2020, when COVID-19 struck, the pattern repeated — the Fed pumped tons of stimulus into the economy without taking any out. We call it “market heroin.”

And all that excess liquidity the economy’s enjoyed for so long has contributed to this “everything bubble.” It’s why housing prices have soared, why stock valuations have ballooned, why start-ups have raised enormous amounts of capital for cheap. And if the Fed is forced to pop this bubble, the economy will be in the worst shape it’s been in our lifetimes.

SoFi Is a Long-Term Winner

The key to making the most of the market washout is finding those fundamentally great — yet demolished — stocks among the wreckage. And one of our favorites is still SoFi (Nasdaq:SOFI). The stock got clobbered in sympathy with Upstart’s poor guidance and subsequent nosedive. Yes, they’re both fintech companies with exposure to lending. But they are so profoundly different that this selloff in SOFI stock is ludicrous.

We saw this same irrationality in the last go-round of social media earnings. Meta (Nasdaq:FB) had an awful print, and then all social media stock tanked. Snap (NYSE:SNAP) dropped around 40% and then — after reporting fantastic numbers — jumped 50%. The behavior of the markets right now doesn’t make sense. Put on your blinders and ignore the noise. Invest in what you have a high degree of confidence in and hold for the long term.

The more conviction you have, the more you’ll be rewarded.

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