Buying Tomorrow’s Marijuana Leaders for Pocket Change

The momentum keeps building… even as we speak.

This week, I’ve sent you a series of articles to make sure you know all the signals that are flashing brighter than ever that marijuana will become legal in the U.S. We’ve talked about how this huge, game-changing development looks more and more likely to happen sooner than most people think.

We’ve also talked about the enormous implications for us as investors. I told you how I believe select U.S. marijuana stocks are perhaps the best opportunity the market has to offer. After all, the U.S. would instantly become the largest marijuana market in the world.

Even as we were speaking this week, one of the legalization catalysts we discussed took another step forward. Attorneys general (AGs) from 38 states and territories as well as treasurers from 17 states called on Congress to pass the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act. This is the bill that would allow banks to work with marijuana companies without fear of breaking any laws.

The AGs wrote: “Regardless of how individual policymakers feel about states permitting the use of medical or recreational marijuana, the reality of the situation requires federal rules that permit a sensible banking regime for legal businesses.”

The reality of the situation.

Sounds like the nation’s top law enforcement officials also think it’s time to bring order out of the chaos and open the legalization door even further.

And when that door is finally wide open, look out. That next wave of wealth could be explosive.

The Power of Buying Early

When it comes to investing, you can’t do better than huge unstoppable trends. And when it comes to unstoppable trends, you can’t do better than marijuana.

There are a variety of ways to make money off this rare opportunity, and one of my favorites is smaller stocks. We have a chance to buy tomorrow’s leaders at bargain prices today. In my Investment Opportunities service, I currently recommend five marijuana stocks that trade for less than $5 a share.

Within the marijuana industry, you can control a big block of 30,000 shares for less money than it costs to buy a used smartphone.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that most penny stocks are total trash, but they are actually critical to the global economic system. Smaller companies have the ability to innovate in a capacity that larger stocks simply cannot. And if you think about it, almost all of the big, blue chip companies started out as penny stocks at some point.

Coke. Apple. Netflix. Microsoft.

They were all small, fledgling businesses when they first started. Today, they contribute billions and billions of dollars to our economic landscape and employ millions of people all around the world.

Many of tomorrow’s big, blue chip cannabis companies can be bought today for pocket change. They could be the quickest and easiest way to add tens of thousands… even millions of dollars to your brokerage account.

Take a company called CordovaCann Corporation (LVRLF), which is in Canada. Back before Canada announced its plans to legalize marijuana nationally around March 2017, this was an obscure pot stock specializing in providing investment capital for the marijuana space. The stock was literally a penny stock… trading for one cent.

Within days of Canada’s announcement, share prices began racing higher.

By December, shares climbed to $0.26 for a gain of 2,500%. Within one year’s time, prices were up to $0.96. By April 2018, share prices soared to well over one dollar… to $1.70 per share. CordovaCann finally peaked around $2.20 in May 2018 for a mega-gain of 21,900%… just 14 months after Canada’s announcement of nationwide legalization.

And remember, Canada has roughly 1/10th the population of the United States. So just imagine what could happen when the U.S. market finally opens up.

Your Edge Over Wall Street

With all the potential in smaller, cheaper pot stocks, you’d think that the mainstream media would be talking about them nonstop. You’d think that every time you turn on the TV… channels like CNBC, Fox Business, and CNN would give this industry full coverage.

But they don’t. And there is reason why.

The “big players” on Wall Street can’t touch most of these smaller companies.

Wall Street trying to buy penny stocks is like trying to fill a shot glass with a firehose.

The big firms could buy millions of shares in one transaction, which could artificially inflate the prices. They could also end up owning practically all of the shares available… and it instantly cuts profit potential. When you’re a “big player,” buying penny stocks is bad business.

This is one instance where we have an advantage over Wall Street. And who doesn’t like giving them a little taste of their own medicine?

Investors who sit this one out are passing on an opportunity to make a small fortune. We are witnessing the birth of a brand-new industry in America, an industry that has already proven to be incredibly successful and incredibly lucrative.

This is your chance to take part in the excitement.

P.S. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that the next wave of marijuana wealth could be explosive… and it’s approaching faster than you think.

I can tell you – with 100% conviction – that the opportunity to make a small fortune when America legalizes cannabis nationally is truly unprecedented.

To make the most money possible, you’ll need to “get in” before pot is legalized nationally. Once the federal government announces plans for nationwide legalization (which could potentially happen soon), America’s small marijuana stocks could easily turn into big, expensive stocks like Walmart or Coca-Cola.

I want to show you how to grab shares of tomorrow’s blue chip pot stocks for pennies today. Click here to learn more and see which stocks you should own today. I want you to see for yourself what is truly at stake for investors.

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