MoneyLine: Here’s One Piece of Advice You Can’t Afford to Miss

Man. What a week it’s been. I hope you had a great one, because I sure did. Some of the highlights for me were launching a new investing service and getting to talk on my podcast with a fellow investor I hold in high regard.

We’ve talked a lot about my new service. It’s called Cannabis Cash Weekly. I’m super excited about it, as I don’t see anybody else out there employing this strategy right now.

As I wrote to you on Tuesday, an investment that pays you a giant yield on your money right off the bat is like the “Holy Grail” of investing. And now, thanks to a once-in-a-decade anomaly in the business world, I’ve spotted an investment offering 100%+ annual yields.

Cannabis Cash Weekly is all about taking advantage of this opportunity. You can see why I’m so pumped about it.

My subscribers have already initiated their first two trades – and they’re making money fast. It’s not too late for you to sign up and start bringing in weekly income, too.

To close out an already amazing week, I had the honor of speaking with Mebane Faber on this week’s episode of MoneyLine. Meb is the founder… CIO… CEO… basically the “guy in charge” at Cambria Investment Management. He’s also got one of the best podcasts out there covering all topics. I listen to it every week.

Meb and I dive headfirst into the market. We talk about global valuations, the opportunities in emerging markets, the massive growth potential in China – basically everything we talk about here in MoneyWire and more.

Of course, we had to talk about cannabis. In fact, Meb’s firm recently launched a new cannabis ETF called the Cambria Cannabis ETF, aptly given the ticker symbol “TOKE.” He calls it a low-cost fund… and I think it’s cheap! You can be sure it’s an investment I’m keeping an eye on.

But after everything we discussed, the one thing that stuck with me the most was a piece of advice Meb provided at the very end of the podcast. Here’s what I asked him:

I’m almost positive that I ran into you 10 to 12 years ago… maybe at a MoneyShow or something. We were probably both hustling back then, getting paid nothing to go on stage. Just trying to get our name our there. Since then, you have been a huge success, writing books, doing podcasts, the investment firm, the ETFs. You’ve done a great job.

So, what’s something you could say that kind of helped you get to where you are now over the last decade. This isn’t about investments. It’s just about being an entrepreneur.

Meb Faber: Man, that’s a good question. Being an entrepreneur, doing anything… I don’t care if you own a bakery, you’re writing letters, you’re running an investment firm. The biggest compliment you can give anyone is just surviving…

The challenge of just showing up every day is underrated. The ability to just show up and do work and continue to plug along…

Trying to take the long view, which is hard. And it applies to the markets, too. It’s so easy to focus on what’s going on today, but we look back over the past 10 years and it’s hard to even remember half of the things that worried us as investors or got in the way of some of these opportunities.

The behavioral, psychological challenges of trying to be a long-term thinker – both with entrepreneurship as well as investing – is really important, but it’s really hard.

I was nodding my head the entire time Meb was speaking. And it’s fantastic advice. It’s something I preach here in MoneyWire. It’s something I preach to my subscribers in Investment Opportunities and Early Stage Investor. And it’s even something I preach in my new investment newsletter Cannabis Cash Weekly, which generates short-term income from a massive long-term investing theme.

I’ve asked that question to many successful entrepreneurs in my day but that’s the first time I’ve heard that answer. It’s nice to finally hear someone who’s on the same page as us, ignoring the day-to-day noise and focusing on the long-term, big picture mega-trends with the potential to fuel life-changing profits.

If you haven’t listened to my latest MoneyLine podcast, click here to check it out now. I posted it to the site earlier today. This is one you certainly do not want to miss.

And after you watch today’s podcast, I hope you’ll listen to some of my other recent MoneyLine podcasts you may have missed.

  • Last week, I discussed Chinese biotech – one of my favorite long-term investment opportunities. I got the chance to speak with Brad Loncar of Loncar Investments, who shared his thoughts on a few stocks in the sector and why he’s so bullish overall. I also touched on the genetic testing sector and how it is the keystone to the future of healthcare.
  • And on September 13 I sat down with Paul Dellaquila. He’s the president of Defiance ETFs, the company behind the first 5G ETF, and we dive into the numbers behind the trend. I talked about Apple’s (AAPL) latest product announcements and why I expect the stock to keep hitting new highs.

Remember, I post a new MoneyLine podcast to the MoneyWire website every Friday, and I’d love to have you involved. I’m going to start answering your questions in the podcasts, so please send them my way. Whether you want to talk about the market, stocks, the start of the football season, or anything else, email me your question and I’ll do my best to answer it. You can email me at

Be sure to check back every Friday for the latest podcast. You can also subscribe to MoneyLine on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

P.S. I hope you’re interested in learning more about my brand-new investment service Cannabis Cash Weekly. I’ve beta tested this system with my own money, and I’m glad I did. It works! In fact, I’ll show you some of my account statements in a special on-air demonstration.

That’s just the beginning. I’ve identified up to 70 opportunities to collect checks over the coming months of $800… $1,300… even $2,600 or more.

Click here to see for yourself how to use my Cannabis Cash Weekly strategy to generate thousands of dollars… week after week.

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