My Prediction Was Spot On Last Year… Could I Be Right Again?

It’s that time of year again… predictions time!

Predictions are fun, but they are also important. As someone who invests in the hypergrowth trends of the future, I’m always looking ahead at what’s to come.

In this week’s episode of MoneyLine, I first take a look back at the 10 predictions I laid out for 2019. I was correct on more than half of them – a pretty solid showing for 12 months of educated guesses. And a few more may still come to fruition before the New Year’s bell.

One of my best 2019 predictions was related to the broad market’s performance. If I can brag a little bit… I nailed it.

I said that the S&P 500 would be up 25% at some point during the year. I was so sure of it that when I went on CNN two months later, I reiterated my bullish outlook. (You can watch the video here.)

A lot of folks weren’t buying it. They weren’t buying stocks either, but they should have been. The S&P 500 hit a new high of 3,225.65 today, which puts it up 28.7% from its December 31 close!

This strength is only the beginning. 2019 was a fantastic year for investors positioned in the right stocks and trends, and I believe 2020 will be even greater.

That’s why it’s time for a new set of predictions – geared toward what I expect to be another very exciting year for the stock market.

One area of focus will be IPOs, which I expect to be a tale of two stories in 2020… boom or bust. In the latest podcast, I name one planned IPO – a very familiar company – that I predict will be the biggest bust of the new year, as well as one IPO that I am ready to buy. It may surprise you to learn that the boom IPO isn’t tech related. It’s actually in a very old and boring industry. Click here to find out what it is.

I’ll also tell you where I see the broad market headed in 2020 – will I prove the naysayers wrong again?! – and explain which sector is best positioned for the year ahead.

Tune in to this week’s episode of MoneyLine now for all that and more – including my predictions related to Warren Buffet and the upcoming presidential election.

This is yet another can’t-miss episode of MoneyLine. It may even provide a few nice talking points to share with your families during the holiday next week.

Have a great weekend. I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday.

P.S. I know a lot of predictions are made for entertainment value, but here’s one that I believe can make you money.

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We have different systems for identifying winning stocks, and our systems agree on a select few for 2020. Get the details here.

Matt McCall’s MoneyLine Podcast

Click here to listen to Matt McCall’s MoneyLine podcast! This week, Matt takes a look back at his 10 predictions for 2019 and grades each one – more than half were correct! He then unveils some of his top predictions for 2020, including one IPO he’s avoiding and one he would buy, who will win the election, and the must-own sector for the Roaring 2020s.

This week, Matt talks about the Russell 2000. The small-cap index rallied to a new 52-week high, trigging a great buy signal. And a small, unknown recent IPO joined the small caps in breaking out. Then, Matt takes a look back at the biggest winners of the last decade.

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